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As you note the variety of forms to be completed and the number of questions to be answered, we understand that applying to a school can appear to be a time-consuming, and sometimes intimidating, process.  But remember one thing: behind the forms and questions is a single purpose–our getting to know your child as a distinct individual. We seek to evaluate each candidate as a unique person.

An application to Marist School consists of three parts, two of which can be completed online.
  1. As the first step, please complete our Request for Information form.
  2. Complete the Online Application by January 30, 2015:  This part of the application provides us with your demographic information as well as the responses to our parent questions.
  3. Download the Additional Requirements Package:  This package includes detailed instructions, student questionnaire, two teacher evaluations, release of records, parish/church verification form, and fee/photo submission form.

If at any time during the application process you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  We look forward to learning about your child.
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