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Celebrate 100 years of Marist football as we invite all
Marist football alumni to a special pre-game meal (must RSVP)
and recognition before kickoff on:

SEPTEMBER 21, 2012 - A home game against the Therrell Panthers.

Connect with other Marist School football friends and family on our 100 Years of Football Facebook Event Page.

See photos from the event here:
Marist School 100 Years of Football Memories
Please share your favorite memories of your Marist School football team, coaches, friends, and fellowship.
This memory album is a way to share your memories, reconnect with friends, as well as a way for those who will be unable to join us for the 100 Years of Football celebration to take part in this historic event.

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Christie Hauck

9/18/2012 10:44 PM
Being behind Brown High School 0-21 in 1965 at half, Coach Don Shea gave one of the greatest half time speeches of all time. He strolled into the stunned locker room and confidently said there was no way we were going to lose this game. He, matter of factly, laid out the path back and showed us the way out of the hole we were in. We methodically scored according to the schedule laid out and won on a last minute field goal. It was a victory for the ages. We were honored throughout the press and it led to more wins as the season progressed. This thrilling comeback is a tribute to Coach Shea's moment of brilliance in capturing the collective spirit of the minds of the boys of Marist.
Crawford Murphy
8/22/2012 2:56 PM
FYI: I likely played football for Marist the least number of days than any other athlete.In 1953/54, I picked up a stray football and bent over and centered it 20 yeads accurately back to the practice area. I was invited and suited up to be the punt formation center so Boots could employ the spread formation. I played one day, I assume a record. Also lettered the same year in basketball, baseball, track and tennis. Hope your event is a success and thought you might like this bit of humor. CCM

Paul Muldawer

9/21/2012 3:24 PM
Earl Gunn, Spencer Smith and I played in the first football game ever televised in Georgia at Grady Stadium against Lanier High School, and I scored my first touchdown. We practiced on the concrete hard clay field at downtown Marist under the eyes of Coach Shorty Doyal. We only won three games that season (I think it was 1949), but they counted as we won the district championship. Daily football practice came after an hour of military drill. If you messed up during the day at school, you got demerits which meant doing "punishment tours" - an hour marching with a rifle, which made you late for football practice, which meant you would be punished again running sprints. But somehow we survived. Earl is a successful dentist, Spencer is a successful real estate broker, I am an architect - too modest to say successful.
Marist School Football Facts
State Champions
1989, 2003

State Runners-Up
1948, 1979, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1987, 2006, 2008

War Eagles / College Football
Sam McNearney ('10) Georgia Tech
Matt Connors ('10) Georgia Tech
Patrick Beless ('11) Georgia
Jordan Snellings ('11) Furman
Mitchell Anderson ('11) Presbyterian
Austin Hardin ('12) Florida
Nick Brigham ('12) Georgia Tech
William Curran ('12) Davidson
Preston Furry ('12) Furman
Jack Burke ('12) Samford
Grey King ('13) Auburn
Greg Taboada ('13) Stanford)
Steven Wallace ('13) Lindsey Wilson
Myles Willis ('13) Boston College
Chase Martenson ('14) Georgia Tech
Kendall Baker ('14) Georgia
Marcus Miller ('14) Reinhardt College
War Eagles Currently in the NFL
Sean McVay ('04) Washington (Coach)
Cooper Taylor ('08) New York Giants

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