Marist Learning Plan

Marist Learning Plan

Marist School recognizes that not all students learn in the same way. In order to help each student reach his or her full potential, Marist makes every effort to understand and provide for the diversity in learning styles of each of our students. In the Marist Academic Center, learning resource specialists work with students to help them develop learning strategies and study skills to assist them in becoming independent learners. They also work closely with faculty to help them better understand the diverse learning needs of students in each of their classes. A Marist Learning Plan can provide additional support for those students who have documented learning differences.

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  • Marist Learning Plan

    The Marist Learning Plan is designed to address the needs of students with mild learning differences who have met the academic standards for admission to Marist School. A student with a current (not older than five years) psychoeducational evaluation listing a clear diagnosis and relevant recommendations may be eligible to receive accommodations at Marist, in which case a Marist Learning Plan would be developed. The accommodations listed in the plan are designed to support the student’s learning needs within the traditional classroom setting. Once a Marist Learning Plan is developed, parents and their child meet with the director of the Marist Academic Center to discuss the plan and how the accommodations will be implemented. Teachers will receive communication regarding the accommodations for which the student is eligible. Finally, the director of the Marist Academic Center meets with the student to discuss the individualized learning plan and how best to advocate for his or her needs within the classroom setting.

    The Marist Learning Plan and other academic support offered through the Marist Academic Center is intended to provide students with the strategies and skills they need to be successful learners within Marist’s rigorous college-preparatory curriculum. Marist’ academic support program can help students learn a variety of executive-function skills such as time management, prioritizing, note-taking, and memory skills. Learning resource specialists also can work with students to develop academic goals and action plans to help them better monitor their learning and study habits.

    Parents are always encouraged to contact the director of the Marist Academic Center with concerns about their child’s academic progress. Referrals to outside tutors and other educational service providers can be provided as can suggestions for how to encourage the development of strong executive-function skills at home.
  • Accommodations

    Students with diagnosed learning differences may be eligible to receive academic accommodations based on the recommendations provided within a current psychoeducational evaluation. However, accommodations granted at Marist are those that do not create classroom adjustments for other students or faculty. In order to maintain the integrity of the Marist educational mission, not all recommendations contained within an evaluation can be provided.

    Marist can provide the following accommodations when accompanied by the appropriate documentation:

    • Extended time for class tests, exams and in-class writing assessments. Marist provides for 50 percent extended time for assessments.
    • Teacher consistency in two core content classes as per documentation. Please note that teacher consistency does not indicate teacher preference or selection. Furthermore, while all attempts are made to provide teacher consistency in at least two core subject areas, it is not always possible given scheduling constraints.
    • Delay of foreign language for rising 8th graders.
    • No Scantron use on classroom assessments. Students will be allowed to write directly on the test documents.

    A note on extended time for college entrance exams: The extended time accommodation on SAT or ACT exams is determined by individual college testing agencies. Although Marist can help with requests for accommodations, all decisions are made by either the College Board or ACT.

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