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Marist School is often called “the campus that never sleeps.” After the academic day is complete, the school bustles with a wide array of activities for students interested in arts, athletics, cultural activities, religion, and community service. In accordance with its mission to educate the whole person, Marist offers a variety of programs and services to help students develop spiritually, physically, and intellectually.

Students have the opportunity to participate in the school’s spiritual life through the ministry and outreach program, or they can take advantage of the counseling department’s assistance with personal, academic, and college decision making. There are also a wide variety of extracurricular activities available, including student government, award-winning student publications, honor societies, and academic teams.

The parents of current students are essential to the success of all programs at Marist School. There are six active parent organizations on campus that provide family members the opportunity to become involved in the school community.

Please explore our website to discover the opportunities Marist offers beyond the classroom.