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Marist Dominates AAAA Boys Golf Tournament

The Marist Boys Golf Team won the AAAA State Golf Championship by 18 strokes over Runner-Up Richmond Academy at the Dalton Golf and Country Club on Monday.
The team was led by freshman Will Chandler, shooting a 6-under par 66, four teamates shot 71 (Jack Larkin, Joe Quirk, Sean Murphy and Will Duma) and Mitchell Yates finished with a 73.  In the tournament's 6-play, 4-score format, one of the 71s did not even count in the team standings as the War Eagles won the title for the second consecutive year.
Head Coach Jeff Decker summed up the results "It was just one of those crazy days where everything came together more perfectly than you could have planned.  Four had the career bests and all six came together like a perfect storm."