Scenes from Camp 3790

At the beginning of the school year, all Marist 9th graders participated in Camp 3790, an overnight class trip which brought together 50 new students with those who had been at Marist since 7th grade.
Through team-building exercises, participants got to know each other better while learning more about Marist School and the Marist Way. Trip leader and Director of Personal & Academic Counseling Mrs. Lyndsay Murphy said, “Many students, especially new students, have told us that Camp 3790 really helped them meet a lot of new people and make new friends.” She added, “I led the cardboard boat building activity. The groups really embraced the activity, and we all had a lot of fun watching a few brave souls attempt to race them across the pool. Our 12th grade Marist mentors were amazing and took the trip to a new level this year. They brought so much energy to the overnight, not to mention the fun games and activities they came up with and implemented.”
Lucas Farach, a 9th grader at Marist, said, “It was a great experience and way to meet new-to-Marist students. I enjoyed the rock-climbing activity, where I was part of a team and we took turns serving as the anchor for the person climbing the wall.”
Watch this short video from MBC about Camp 3790 to see the 9th graders in action!

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