Marist Academic Center Supports Student Academic Success

One of the busiest locations on the Marist School campus is the Marist Academic Center, affectionately referred to by the school community as the “MAC.”
Tucked away on the third floor of Wooldridge Center above the library, the MAC provides academic resources to help students become efficient, successful learners. The MAC features a classroom and two small group study rooms in addition to individual study carrels and a small study area with comfortable seating. Staffed by learning specialists and content-area teachers, the MAC provides a space for students to drop in throughout the day or after school to study or receive assistance when they need a helping hand. Beyond direct instruction in two levels of Skills and Strategies classes, the MAC offers after-school and evening teacher tutorials, before and after-school study skills support, and peer tutoring, as well as parent education and information.
The MAC helps students hone their executive functioning abilities through study smarter strategies, organization skills, test-taking skills, time management, problem-solving strategies, note-taking, stress management, communication, self-monitoring, and an emphasis on active participation in learning. Students and parents can access study skills and strategies support through a dedicated website.
Director of the Marist Academic Center Ms. Liz Seraydarian works alongside Associate Director Mrs. Libby Ayoob to ensure that the MAC is a resource and support for all students, parents, and faculty. Ms. Seraydarian said, “We teach skills that we want to see in Marist graduates. We want them to be able to self-reflect, to self-advocate, and to adapt to different types of classes, teachers, and expectations. We help by providing opportunities for growth in these areas.”
Recognizing how busy Marist students are, Ms. Seraydarian and Mrs. Ayoob have created programming that fits within student schedules. Ms. Seraydarian said, “We want to make sure students are engaged with school. We know that extracurriculars are important and students don’t necessarily have time to come to the MAC after school, so we provide students with the opportunity to access support from teachers in the evening.”
The MAC serves all Marist students, and they deeply appreciate the resources it provides. In her first year at Marist, 7th grader Harper Jane Lane has taken advantage of the support offered by the MAC. She said, “The MAC provides an incredible place to complete homework and study without being distracted. Mrs. Ayoob is always so sweet and helpful with any questions I have."
For Maddie Bozzelli ’25, the MAC has been an invaluable resource. She shared, “Whether I've needed test-taking advice, study skills tips, tutoring, or some words of encouragement from the caring MAC teachers, the MAC is always so welcoming, helpful, and kind.”
Musse Woldu ’24 felt overwhelmed by the new environment and worried about how to approach his classes and manage his time wisely when he first started at Marist. He said, “I took a class offered by Mrs. Ayoob called Skills and Strategies for Success which provided me with the tools and methods I needed to build habits that continue to aid me when I am struggling with the workload of a certain class or trying to study for an upcoming assessment. The Marist Academic Center has helped me be a better, more organized, and motivated student, and I appreciate it deeply.”
Grady Jones ’24 has enjoyed a similar experience. He said, “The MAC has been an essential reason I have made it this far at Marist. Whenever I do homework or study in the MAC, I am far more productive than at home. This is because of all the amazing resources and teachers there to help me. It is somewhere I know I can go and get the most out of an hour of work. I am very appreciative of the MAC and everyone who keeps it running.” 
Marist teachers also greatly value the ways in which the MAC helps students. English teacher and MAC resource teacher Mrs. Katherine Carroll ’10 said, “The MAC does a great job supporting a wide variety of Marist students—those who are self-motivated as well as those who have been pointed to the MAC by a teacher or parent. Usually, once a student realizes the not-so-hidden gem that the MAC is, they become a repeat visitor. That means in the years that I’ve worked as the English content teacher, I have been able to walk alongside many students growing in their writing (typically what they seek me out for) even past the time that they’ve had me as their 9th or 10th grade English teacher.”
Mathematics teacher Mr. Jim Campbell also serves as a content resource teacher for the MAC. He shared, “This resource is something that students should not pass up on. This is a place where they can learn tools to help them build a foundation that will help them both at Marist and in college.”
Before the next school year begins, the MAC will offer summer enrichment for 7th and 9th graders. These programs help the MAC connect with new students early on. Enrichment activities will include going through a problem-solving model and discussing how to transition to Marist and adapt to the environment. Enrichment for 9th graders also covers topics such as how to best prepare for Advanced Placement classes and how to meet their academic goals.
Find more information about resources and services offered by the MAC here.

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