Successful Marist Summer Camps Wrap Up

This story was written by Maggie Strickland ’24, who served as a communications intern in the Advancement Office through Marist’s Career Connections program.

Summer is when you would think that a school campus would be the quietest, but with over 20 camps full of energetic children and coaches, Marist School is just the opposite. The experiences campers have at Marist summer camps cannot be replicated. With Marist teachers, athletic coaches, directors, and students—working as the counselors for many camps—Marist summer campers have an excellent opportunity to improve skills, learn something new, and just have fun with a select sport or activity.
From baseball to ceramics, there is a camp for everyone within the Marist summer camp program. Camps can teach children something new about a sport or activity. Assistant Athletic Director Mr. Jason Harris, who runs the Marist camp program, says, “Children having access to the best talent keeps me motivated.” He hopes that “our summer camps give them a glimpse of our programming.” 

Head Football Coach Mr. Alan Chadwick, who runs the football camp, says, “Our football camps are set up to teach fundamentals of all the different positions in football and to help fully form an athlete from the very beginning.”

The softball camp showed great success their first year. With 52 campers ranging from beginner to high level of skill, the coaches taught fundamentals and improved skills. The counselors in all camps work together to create a positive atmosphere and experience for the kids. Head Softball Coach Mrs. Kim Premoli shared that the counselors “did a fantastic job organizing games, contests, and drills to target the improvement of campers’ skills.” This ensured that not only the ability of the campers, but also the team building of current and former Marist students improved during the summer. 

The programming at Marist School extends beyond sports. Marist science teacher Ms. Sarah Conn offered a science camp in partnership with fellow science teacher Mr. Peter Spalitto, endeavoring to teach students that “science is not just something contained in the four walls of a classroom.” Their camp helps middle school students comprehend the curriculum and become more comfortable at the type of challenges they may face in an upper-level class somewhere like Marist.

Most camps focus on the basics of their skill, like Mrs. Hope Smith’s ceramics camp, which allows the campers to learn the groundwork of ceramics and create multiple pieces to take home. From fine arts to athletics, Marist summer camps offer a glimpse into what Marist School is all about and helps students find a place of belonging. 

Mr. Eric McNaughton ’90, theater director and fine arts department chair, believes in helping kids find a place by providing “a theater camp to those who don’t necessarily gravitate towards sports camps.” He feels that running a camp like this will help highlight Marist’s fine arts programs and show a diversified community with extracurricular activities for all. 

Educational camps aim to improve a child's learning and help prepare them for another school year. ACT/SAT and writing boot camps are helpful for those currently in the admissions process to college and offer more support to those feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Mrs. Natalie Vickery, who runs the math portion of the test preparation camp, shares that these educational camps help students who “need more focus on the types of test questions asked and the difference between a standardized test and tests taken in class.” She hopes that these camps provide students with familiarity with the type of questions asked and how to best answer them. Students also learn how to do their best work on their applications and test taking strategies and skills.

The unique experiences crafted within these camps are a testament to the commitment of Marist's teachers, coaches, directors, and students, who collectively serve as mentors and coaches. Spanning a diverse range from athletics to fine arts, Marist's summer camps offer a tapestry of opportunities for campers to unearth hidden talents, refine abilities, and forge lasting friendships. Now that the curtains are drawn on this summer’s camp offerings, the echoes of laughter, camaraderie, and new skills remain as evidence of the enriching experience of Marist School's summer camp program.

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Written by Maggie Strickland '24.

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