Strategic Vision

Vision 2020

When the Society of Mary was created in the 1830's, its priests established an educational tradition that ensures a superior college preparatory education with the ultimate goal of forming the whole person in the image of Christ. Now nearly 200 years later, the Marist School board of trustees, administration, faculty, and staff have finalized the framework for Marist to continue this tradition of rich spiritual and educational excellence as a modern-day model for Catholic secondary education. This long-term plan, titled Vision 2020, pulls together many years’ of work that will ensure Marist’s mission in education is able to enhance the minds and character of young people for generations to come.
Vision 2020 includes of seven focus areas that will provide Marist the resources needed to help students pursue achievement with integrity, skilled instruction, and spiritual guidance. They are listed below.

List of 7 items.

  • Marist Identity

    To maintain the direction of Marist School by the Society of Mary, and to strengthen and expand the influence of the Society's mission and teachings.
  • Program Excellence

    To cultivate balance and completeness in the educational program at Marist School, as well as the desire and skills for achievement in each student's academic, extracurricular, spiritual, leadership, and service development.
  • Student Body

    To attract, enroll, and retain a diverse student body consistent with a mission of academic excellence, personal spiritual growth, and a service orientation. Admissions will make every effort to ensure that the Marist School enrollment draws on the economic, ethnic, and religious diversity of the metropolitan Atlanta area.
  • Faculty, Staff, & Administration

    To recruit, support, develop, recognize, and retain highly qualified, diverse, and dedicated faculty, staff, and administration members who enjoy sharing their learing and their time with young people; who are versed in and committed to the Marist mission in education; and who are actively engaged in realizing their own professional growth plan.
  • Alumni

    To use all means possible to value and deepen relationships with, to cultivate the support of, and to uphold and recall alumni and their families. In so doing, the school will create opportunities for meaningful alumni involvement in school programs and activities.
  • Campus & Facilities

    To have facilities and a campus environment that are consistent with the aims and spirit of the Society of Mary, the current high quality education provided, and future aspirations of Marist School. Click here to read about the Campus Master Plan, which grew out of Vision 2020.
  • Finance & Endowment

    To support and further the Marist mission, philosophy, and long-range goals through prudent financial management of the operating budget and annual fund; stewardship of the endowment; and all developmental efforts, both short-term and long-term.

Vision 2020 Mission

The school’s mission to form the whole person in the image of Christ permeates every aspect of the educational program, making Vision 2020 a comprehensive plan involving the entire Marist community. Ultimately, these objectives will provide the resources for students to form a passion for lifelong learning and a devotion to service that can become instilled in their character as they grow into adults. 

Updating Marist’s Strategic Plan

Marist School has essentially completed the goals set forth in Vision 2020 and is currently undergoing a strategic planning process to take the school through 2025.

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