Coaches Contacts

Marist Coaches Contacts

If you have any questions about a sport or team, contact the Head Coach by their email noted below in the drop down menu.
Our coaches will gladly answer your questions and will be able to provide you with valuable information regarding Marist Sports and History.


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  • Cheerleading

    Varsity- Trisha Urrea - HC - Email
    JV - Ashley DeGracia
    9th - Ashley Ashkouti
    8th - Christina Herald

  • Cross Country

    Eric Heintz - HC - Email
    Dave Delmonte
    Megan Hunter
    Kevin Lisle

    Rick Dammer 
    Mmary Stagmaier
    Amanda Walker

    Robert Von Hagen - Lead
    Mike Burns
    Laura McGregor
    Sara Conn

  • Football

    Alan Chadwick - HC - Email
    Dan Perez - Asst. HC - Email
    Patrick Beless
    Mike Coveny
    Stephen Furr
    Philip Juhan
    Brian McMichael
    Michael Day
    Paul Etheridge
    Jef Euart
    Gary Miller
    Jim Showfety

    Matt Romano- JV Lead
    Brendan Dete
    Matt Miller
    Kevin Hunter
    Tim Perez - 9th Lead
    Jerry Aull
    Jeff Ervin

    8th Grade
    Jim Crawford - Lead
    Cory Lawson
    Jim Naum-Bedigian
    Ted Russell
    Grady Thrasher
    Eric Clarkson

    7th Grade
    Ron Elgin - Lead
    Nic Ayoob
    Michael Carroll
    Phil Etheridge
    Scott Lesperance
    Steve Pozzobon
  • Softball

    Mike Trapani - HC - Email
    Jerry Novac
    Mike Strickland
    Art Diaz

    Jim Campbell - Lead
    Kim Hixon
    Ashley Tedesco
  • Volleyball

    Brittany Deedy - HC - Email
    Karen Arndt

    Ricardo Fonzaghi - Lead
    Emily Adams Knight

    Julie Stander


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  • Basketball

    Varsity Boys
    Kevin Moore-HC-Email
    Brady McCaffrey
    Dennis Morgan

    JV Boys

    Darius Steger

    9th Grade Boys
    Kent Buckner

    8th Grade Boys
    Tony Perticone

    7th Grade Boys
    Jeff Brown - Lead
    Gregg LoCurto

    Varsity Girls
    Kim Hixon - HC - Email
    Fraderica Miller
    Jennifer West

    JV Girls
    Tiffany House

    8th Grade Girls
    Jeff Keppen

    7th Grade Girls
    Jim Foley

    Girls Program Assistant
    Dan Perez
  • Cheerleading

    Dessie Stowe - HC - Email

    Celine Stribling 
  • Swimming

    Terry Blish - HC - Email
    Billy Fawcett
    Tim Hallisey - Dive Coach
    Shannon Juhan
    John McDonald

    Matt Murphy - Lead
    Michael Carroll
    Ashley Tedesco
  • Wrestling

    Riddick Beebe -HC - Email
    Chuck Deason
    Mike McQuary
    Chris Warner

    Tim Lagod - Lead
    Bryan Flint

    Tim Perez - Lead
    Hunter Bailey
    Rob Larmore


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  • Baseball

    Mike Strickland - HC- Email
    Charlie Leibrandt
    Andy Perez
    Cory Tibbs

    Cory Tibbs - C.C. Lead
    Justin Rhoges - C.C.

    Ron Elgin - C.C. Lead
    Matt Knight - C.C.
  • Golf

    Varsity - Boys
    Matt Romano - HC - Email

    JV - Boys
    Neal Quirk

    Varsity Girls
    Mike Trapani - HC - Email
    JV Girls
    Jerry Novac
  • Lacrosse

    Varsity Boys
    Scott Mandy - HC - Email
    Lou Corsetti
    Kevin Moran
    Dave Regan

    JV Boys
    George Walker - Lead
    Bill Binder

    MS Boys
    Bill Vogelson

    Varsity Girls
    Kevin Brennan - HC - Email
    Patrice Allen
    Rachael Cramer
    Megan Den Exter
    Whitney Dixe

    JV Girls
    Michael Cramer - Lead
    Ashley Pearson

    MS Girls
    Caitlin Pardus
  • Soccer

    Varsity Boys
    Brendan Murphy - HC - Email
    Andrew Johnson
    Curtis Engsberg

    JV Boys
    Marcos Perez

    7th/8th Grade Boys
    Jon Akin - Lead
    Micah Akin

    Varsity Girls
    Chandler Yount - HC - Email
    Chris Faklaris
    Maggie Tereshinski

    JV Girls
    David Negus
    Mary Stagmaier

    7th/8th Grade Girls
    Amanda Burke
    Mary Beth Van Volkenberg
  • Tennis

    Program Coordinator: Fr. Frank Kissel

    Varsity Boys
    Tommy Marshall - HC - Email
    Chris Gilli

    JV Boys
    Terry Blish

    Varsity Girls
    Jose Gregory - HC - Email

    JV Girls
    Amelia Luke
  • Track & Field

    Eric Heintz - HC - Boys & Girls - Email
    Tony Bennett
    Jillian Martin
    Rick Dammer
    Dominic Demeritte
    Steven Green
    Angier Haughey
    Megan Hunter
    Olga Kirillova
    Kevin Lisle

    Robert Von Hagen - Lead
    Michael Carroll
    Sara Conn

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