The Marist Way

The Call

The Society of Mary’s unique mission is derived from the aims and efforts of the Marists, but depends on the cooperation of so many others who believe in what the Society of Mary stands for and wish to promote its way of living a Marian life in an active, apostolic context.

The following first principles will help shape your understanding and journey into a Marist “way of life.”

Five Pillars of the Marist Way of Life

The five pillars of the Marist Way of life are:
  • Prayer
  • Fellowship/Community
  • Education
  • Service
  • Vocations

Expression of the Pillars

Prayer is expressed and defined in many ways. The Marists exercise one added ritual of prayer – they say 3 “Hail Marys” and the “Sub Tuum” upon waking and retiring every day.

Fellowship/Community helps build a common approach toward spirituality. The features of the Marist spirit are kept alive to the extent individuals connect to the men and women who belong to the body of Marists.

has a two-fold meaning.  Education refers to a commitment to teaching by Marists, especially for young people.  Education also refers to the growing interest in Marist communities to know the history and spirituality of the Society of Mary

Service is giving. Service is an essential part of “being Marist.”

Vocations means to listen closely to what God is calling us to be - even to religious life. The Marist Way focuses especially on vocations to religious life and laity within the Society of Mary.

The Mission

The mission of the Marist Way is the formation and development of laity and religious in the spirit of the Society of Mary, embracing a life of prayer, learning, service, fellowship and vocational development.

Marist School

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An Independent Catholic School of the Marist Fathers and Brothers