Cafeteria FAQ

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  • How do I setup and check my child’s dining account?

    Below are instructions for signing up for your child’s lunch account billing. It allows you to get detail on what they are buying and how they are using their account. Online monitoring of your account is a good way to encourage your child to make good choices, both economically and nutritionally. Billing for these cafeteria charges will be put on your SmartTuition account.  
    1. Click here
    2. Click on “Create Account or Add Student to Existing Account”.
    3. Fill out the first four fields with the parent information (email, first and last name, and phone number)
    4. List “Marist” as your school.
    5. Enter your child’s information in the following fields (ID* and name).
    6. Click “Register this account”.
    *ID number is your Marist billing number that comes on your statement. It begins with the year they will graduate. 
  • Are allergy-friendly lunch options available?

    Yes, Sage offers allergy-friendly options for those with egg, dairy, and gluten allergies. 
  • How do I pay for my child's dining service bill?

    The cafeteria does not charge students or collect payment.  Billing and payments are handled through the Marist School Business Office. Each month you will see a charge on your SmartTuition account for cafeteria charges. 
  • Who do I contact with questions about our bill?

    If you have questions about your dining services bill, please contact Ms. Naoma Bolt in the business office. 936-1355

Questions about Billing?

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  • Ms. Naoma Bolt 

    Accounts Receivable and Financial Aid Associate

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