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Notification to School and Absence(s)

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  • Effect of Absence on Activity Participation

    Students who are absent, arrive late (45 minutes after the first class has begun), or leave school early because of illness may not practice or participate in after-school activities on that day. Students must attend all classes and religious services during the school day to participate in after-school or evening activities. Medical appointments are an exception. Other exceptions must be approved by the Dean of Students or Principal.
  • Partial Absence

    Students missing a portion of the day will be marked absent for the number of classes the student missed. Six periods missed is considered one full day of absence.
  • Situational Notification

    Appointments: 24 hours’ notice (telephone call, fax, or email)

    Illness/ Personal Reasons: Telephone calls must be placed by 8:30 a.m. on the morning of the absence.

    Open Campus: The Open Campus form is available here 

    Request for Final Exam Absentee Form):
    • Please stop by I-114 to pick up a form and return the form 30 days prior to the start of final exams.
    • All absences must be approved by the Dean of Students.
    • Students must notify teachers if they have been approved for final exam absences.
    Parents are to notify their son/daughter’s counselor if a situation occurs whereby an injury or doctor’s order disallows some academic or extracurricular activity. If an absence occurs as a result of this situation please contact the attendance office.
  • Reporting an Absence

    1. A parent should email or call the Attendance Office (770) 936-2233 before 8:30 a.m.
    2. When reporting an absence, be sure to include the following information: student’s name, grade, a brief reason for absence, and a phone number in which the parent may be reached.
    3. A student who has been reported absent by a parent is not to be on campus for any reason without prior approval of the Dean of Students. Absent students who come on campus will be considered out-of-bounds and disciplinary actions will follow.
    4. Papers or other assignments will not be accepted at the front desk from students who are on the absentee list.
  • Delayed Arrival/Early Dismissal and Student Check-in or Check out

    • Requests for delayed arrival or early dismissal should be made in writing by the parents to the Attendance Office and the Dean of Students in I114. Such requests should be received at least one day in advance
    • Students are required to check in and check out through I114. 
    • Parents do not need to come to the Dean of Students/Attendance Office/Main Office when checking a student in or out of school. The student will be released at the arranged time to meet his/her parent/guardian in the circle.
      • Unplanned Dismissals: We ask that you please call ahead if your student is required to be dismissed due to an unplanned appointment or personal matter. We will arrange for your child to be dismissed accordingly. For personal matters we ask that you please come to the main office to meet your child, in addition to calling ahead.
  • Personal Days

    Personal days for travel or extracurricular activities are limited to six days per year and no more than three days per term. A request for an exception to this policy should be submitted in writing 30 days in advance to the Dean of Students. 

Student Drivers and GA Driving Laws

  • Student Driver's Permit Information
    • A Georgia DDS Certificate of School Enrollment (DS-1) must be signed and notarized from the applicant’s school.  It is only valid for 30 days.
      • Students may stop by I114 or the front office to acquire a proof of attendance form for permit and license exams during school hours.
  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP) Certificate may be obtained through your drivers ed course or online version of the class at Georgia Department of Driver Services.
  • State of Georgia Law
    • TADRA: Teenage & Adult Driver Responsibility Act

Parking Registration

  • Students must register to park their vehicle on campus.
  • $125 administration fee is required. ($75 as of January 1)
  • All student drivers are required to have a visible hang tag in the vehicle's front window in order to park on campus. Students are assigned to specific areas of the campus.
  • Students are not permitted to park in visitor parking or faculty/staff parking.
Click here to register for parking.

Dean of Students Office

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    Ms. Laura McGregor 01

    Dean of Students
  • Photo of Mike Strickland

    Mr. Mike Strickland 

    Assistant Dean of Students
  • Photo of Julie Rogers

    Mrs. Julie McCrary Rogers 92

    Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students

Attendance Office

Phone: (770) 936-2233

Lost & Found

Lost items found on the property can be brought to the Attendance Office (I-114). Efforts are made to return items that are appropriately labeled. Please email if you have lost an item.


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