Inclusion & Diversity

A Community of Inclusion

Marist School seeks to foster a community of inclusion that respects, understands, and celebrates the beauty and blessings of the diversity in its student body, faculty, and staff. This is an essential element of the Marist School mission and the values of the Society of Mary. 
Diversity is a gift from God. While we all are different, we are made in the likeness and image of God. The Gospel, Catholic Church teachings as well as the Society of Mary call upon us to love and accept each other. 
Throughout the academic year, the Office of Inclusion and Diversity presents programming to weave cultural proficiency and inclusion throughout the community. The department hosts events such as guest speakers, workshops, and family activities, among others.

Student Programming

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  • Mosaic Student Club

    The Office of Diversity partners with the Office of Student Activities to sponsor Mosaic, an extracurricular club devoted to issues of diversity. Mosaic offers students opportunities to recognize and discuss the beauty and intricacies of cultural diversity within the Marist community and the world. This includes religion, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, gender, race, and ethnicity. 
  • Affinity Groups

    The Office of Inclusion & Diversity creates space for students with common backgrounds and experiences to come together for support, mentorship, and a safe environment for dialogue.
  • Student-Led Diversity Retreats

    Marist offers student-led diversity retreats for both high school and middle school students. Each retreat program is structured around age-appropriate teaching and activities. High school retreats are held off campus over a three-day/two-night weekend that is comprised of discussion, activities, and reflection related to forming allies, combating bias, and building community. Seventh and eighth graders attending Foundations retreats engage in role play and discussion, with a focus on self awareness (recognizing similarities and differences between themselves and others).
  • Guest Speakers and Assemblies

    The Office of Inclusion & Diversity hosts prominent speakers and Atlanta-based community members for school-wide assemblies, classroom visits, and special occasion celebrations.
  • National and Local Conferences

    Throughout the school year, students who are interested in furthering their capacity for equity and inclusion work are invited to attend national, regional, and local conferences such as the Student Diversity Leadership Conference, the No Place for Hate Summit, and the Power Over Prejudice Summit.

Faculty/Staff Engagement

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  • Professional Development

    In addition to required, in-house professional development and cultural competency trainings, Marist faculty and staff are encouraged to attend conferences that further equip them to advance the mission of inclusion in their curricula, classrooms, and workspaces. These regularly include the White Privilege Conference, the People of Color Conference, and workshops offered by the iChange Collaborative.
  • Inter-Departmental Collaboration

    The Office of Inclusion & Diversity acts as a bridge between academic disciplines in order to bring the material to life or give it new perspective. Often times, this culminates in field trips, student projects, or special events.

Parent Involvement

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  • Evening Workshops

    To continue the conversations that students and faculty have on campus, parents are welcome to attend evening workshops offered by both the Office of Inclusion & Diversity and the Counseling Department.
  • Social Gatherings

    In the spirit of inclusion and fellowship, all parents and families are invited to celebrate our community and the various backgrounds represented within it. These celebrations include such gatherings as our annual Multicultural Tailgate and our New Family Meet & Greet.

Inclusion & Diversity News

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  • Marist School Remembers Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    As Marist School joins the nation in marking the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday, January 16, Marist President Fr. Bill Rowland, S.M. shares Dr. King’s most powerful quotes as inspiration to continue advancing the principles of racial equality and nonviolent social change.
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  • Mr. Aaron Hill served as an SDLC faculty member working to plan and provide curriculum for the SDLC conference.

    Student Diversity Leadership Conference Attendees Present to Marist Faculty and Staff

    Eighteen individuals representing Marist School recently attended the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) People of Color Conference for faculty and staff and the Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) for students held concurrently in San Antonio, Texas.
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  • May 2022 Progress Update on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Marist School

    We are pleased to share this update about Marist’s ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts along with an announcement welcoming Mr. Aaron Hill, Marist’s incoming director of inclusion and diversity.
  • Progress Update on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Marist School

    Marist School is pleased to share a progress update on our ongoing work surrounding Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. The update covers the various and most recent action steps we have devoted ourselves to in order to foster the inclusive, welcoming, and anti-racist school community our Catholic faith and Marist values call us to have. These steps, focused on the work we have done in the last 18 months, build upon and enhance the significant programming that has been in place at Marist School for many years. 

Inclusion & Diversity

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  • Photo of Aaron Hill

    Mr. Aaron Hill 

    Director of Inclusion and Diversity

Diversity Statement

Marist School seeks to foster a community of inclusion that respects the dignity of the individual in the areas of age, gender, religion, ability, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, culture, and sexual orientation. This obligation to build a community of inclusion is based on sacred Scripture, the teachings of the Catholic Church, and the spirit and traditions of the Society of Mary. All members of the Marist School community are responsible for advancing an understanding of and a respect for diversity.

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