Community Service
Participation in all service must follow the health guidelines established by the CDC, your local government and Marist School. They also must follow your family rules for use of electronic or other media.

Be sure to log your hours at by clicking “Add Hours” and then “Create New.” Describe what you did and for the Agency Contact, enter Mrs. Shanahan and phone number (770) 936‐2280.

Digital Community Service Opportunities

List of 5 items.

  • Operation Gratitude

    Support members of our military by writing cards, making paracord bracelets and more.‐your‐thanks‐virtual/
  • Nursing Home Encouragement

    Encourage nursing home residents by sending letters and emails, purchasing games from an Amazon wish list, or mailing crafts you created at home. 

    Please send cards to:
    Sunrise at Buckhead
    Attn:  AVC Director
    1000 Lenox Park Blvd, NE
    Atlanta, 30319

    Roswell Nursing Health and Rehabilitation Center
    1109 Green Street
    Roswell, Ga 30075
    Please include a note that cards are from Marist School/Neighbor Love
    Dunwoody Nursing Health and Rehabilitation Center
    5470 Meridian Mark Rd
    Atlanta, Ga 30342
    Please include a note that cards are from Marist School/Neighbor Love
  • Hands On Atlanta

    Help Hands On Atlanta rally our community to donate, fight food insecurity and to tackle our city’s most pressing needs.
  • Ideas from x2Vol

    1. Send an E‐Card with a positive message or encouraging note to someone in the hospital.
    2. Assist a blind individual with daily tasks through the app Be My Eyes. (
    3. Organize an online fundraiser for a family in need in your community.
    4. Put your coding and technology skills to use and build a website or blog for a small nonprofit in your area.
    5. Or unleash your inner artist and offer to design graphics to help support a local nonprofit.
    6. Tutor elementary or middle schools students online.
  • Ideas from Notre Dame Academy

    Ideas from our Sister School, Notre Dame Academy in Pontiac, Michigan: 
    1. Make cards for nurses and doctors at a local hospital.
    2. FaceTime or video conference with a grandparent or a special member of your family or community.
    3. Write a card (handwritten) and mail it to someone special, including a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or mentor, to cheer them up.
    4. Help around your house by doing chores, cleaning your room or cleaning up the yard. Be a helper today!
    5. Complete some spring cleanup yard work for a neighbor.
    6. Draw pictures or make cards for residents of a nursing home.
    7. Make cards for our first responders and mail them to your local police/fire station.
    8. Pray the Rosary.
    9. Write a “thank you” note for your mail carrier and put it in your mailbox for when they pick it up.
    10. Using sidewalk chalk, write positive notes around your neighborhood/town.
    11. Plant some flowers.
    12. Rake your flower beds or a neighbor’s flower beds (ask them first).
    13. Set the table for dinner.
    14. Tell someone how much you love them.
    15. Make dinner for your family or barbecue outside for them on a good day (you might have to clean the grill first).
    16. Call a friend you haven’t seen in a while to say hello.
    17. Read a book to someone or to someone online.
    18. Paint rocks with positive messages and hide them around your neighborhood/town.
    19. Make a thank you sign for the sanitation workers and display it in your yard.
    20. Leave bubbles or a friendly treat on a neighbor’s doorstep.
    21. Clean out your closet. Make bags of items to donate when it is safe to do so. (North Fulton Community Charities, St. Vincent de Paul)
    22. Make cards for the local grocery store employees.
    23. Make cards for the local police and firefighters.
    24. Make a card for your teachers.
    25. Make a family recipe.
    26. Bake Christmas cookies and leave on a neighbor’s porch.
    27. Bake cookies for a friend or neighbor and leave them on the doorstep.
    28. Make a video and share it with someone who might enjoy a lift to their day.
    29. Offer to pick up groceries or medications for someone who might not be able to go out.
    30. Drop off coffee, a snack or a meal on someone’s porch: a nurse, first responder, an older person.
    31. Write a list of 20 aspects of your life for which you are grateful. Pray a prayer of thanksgiving. You might also let a loved one know if they are on your list.
    32. Offer a prayer for a sick person or a person in need who you heard about on TV or social media, someone you do not know. Pray for people in Italy, Spain, China, another country or another part of the U.S. who are sick or in need.
    33. Write a poem, song or reflection on a concern or a hope in your life, in our culture or in the world.
    34. Invite your neighbors to come outside at a specific time to sing, play instruments or just to shout hello to one another.
    35. Record yourself playing piano, guitar, etc., and send the video to a family member you are not able to visit (possibly a grandparent in assisted living).
    36. Offer to walk your elderly neighbor’s dog.
    37. Organize neighbors (via social media/phone) to stand outside their house and give a “standing ovation” for anyone leaving for work who is a nurse, doctor, EMT, etc.
    38. Make lawn signs for those doing essential jobs: medical staff, fire, police, religious, IT people, supply chain people, postal carriers, pharmacy workers, mechanics, chefs, etc.
    39. Organize non‐perishable food donations and deliver to homeless shelters while keeping a safe distance on pickup and delivery.
    40. Write a letter of gratitude to each member of your family explaining why you love and appreciate them.

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