Adult Mission Trips

An Opportunity to Serve

Adult mission trips offer a unique opportunity to serve our less fortunate brothers, sisters and children. An annual mission trip to Jamaica combines a spiritual retreat with hands-on caring for disabled or mentally challenged residents of the Missionaries of the Poor monastery. As a Marist missionary, you will feel Christ’s presence by answering the Lord’s call to “serve one another.” Galatians 5:13

Upcoming Adult Mission Trip

Fourth Annual Adult Mission Trip

February 16-22, 2021

Kingston, Jamaica

Besides volunteers, doctors, nurses, dentists, physical and occupational therapists are needed to offer aid to residents and Brothers at the MOP. 

Adult Mission Trip Information

Mission team members are guided by and live in community with the Brothers and Sisters of the Missionaries of the Poor (MOP). We begin each day with prayer and silence, preparing us for “being kind and compassionate” to those we will serve". Ephesians 4:32. After breakfast, we travel by bus to the various community centers until about 3 p.m. During this time, we care for the residents, helping them with the most basic of needs—teeth brushing, cleansing, applying lotion and feeding, skills that anyone can perform. What is most needed is a smile and open heart.
Prior to the trip, mission team members are invited to informational meetings. We will get acquainted, plan a school-wide collection of supplies, and discuss fundraising needs. For those who say “yes” to the mission trip, paperwork must be completed, flights booked to Jamaica ,and $200 stipend for room and board must be submitted by December 1. All food and transportation in Jamaica is provided.
We ask that you consider “stepping out of your comfort zone and liberating the way you live, think, feel, and respond to the world around you”. As Christians, we are called to serve. Please prayerfully consider joining us. Every Marist missionary who has traveled with us to MOP has been transformed in Christ by this experience.

Kokoska Family Shares Their Experience Creating Clean Water at MOP

What brought us to this wonderful place? WATER. A fundamental human need. Little did we know that during a Sunday Mass 14 years ago, our family’s spiritual lives would be changed forever. Listening to our guest speaker, Father Richard Ho Lung from Missionaries of the Poor, was a gift my husband and I will always be grateful for. He spoke of the “call” to help the poorest of the poor by providing them with life’s basic necessities. Not only did he share this with us, but his mission also had an urgent need to get water up the mountain in Jamaica.
From that day on, my husband, through his business and knowledge, built a well to successfully transport water up to Mt Tabor. Our family has taken trips to Kingston to aid the brothers with the orphans as well as, creating a section in our company warehouse to store containers of food that will then be shipped out to MOP throughout the course of the year. We are thankful for the gifts God has given us to be able to serve those that need it most.


We respectfully ask the Marist School community to generously open your hearts to the poor in Kingston, Jamaica at the Missionaries of the Poor. Fr. Richard HoLung, founder of MOP, established his ministries and Apostolates to provide humble and dedicated service to the poorest of the poor and is presently in his 38th year serving on three continents in 10 countries. Fr. HoLung’s motto is, “The call to serve the poor is an invitation to happiness.”

MOP relies upon the kindness of Christians to assist them in providing care to the poor, which is completely free of charge to residents of their monasteries. MOP receives all its financial support from benefactors and donors like you. All funds go to providing food, medical care and upkeep of facilities. 

The 2020 Marist Adult Mission Team is spearheading a plan to support the mission of MOP this year. We have been asked to reach out to the entire Marist community to raise $11,000 to upgrade the Chapel and Jesus Redeemer Apostolate where the volunteer missionaries and professed Brothers are housed. If you are able to contribute, there are multiple ways we accept your donation:

  • Visit the Missionaries of the Poor website and enter ‘donate now,’ scroll down to ‘Would you like to donate this to a specific campaign?’ select ‘Chapel Renovation’. You can use a credit card or PayPal.
  • Pay by check made out to Missionaries of the Poor. Mail to Lisa Hiles by Dec. 1, 2019. email for the address.
  • Venmo @Lisa-Hiles, designate for MOP.
Also, each Mission Team Member will need a new or used LARGE suitcase to transport supplies for the MOP Brothers and residents. The Brothers use the suitcases on their home visits. If you have a LARGE suitcase to donate, please email

In addition, MOP will provide a wish list of items that are most needed in Kingston. Our Mission Team will plan a school-wide collection of toiletries, shoes, and clothing in January 2020 to be dropped off in the Arcade on campus. 

Finally, we humbly ask for your prayers. God bless you and thank you for whatever you can do to support this important opportunity to serve others and follow in Christ’s teaching.

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