Marist Women Build

2020 Virtual Build

Due to Covid-19 we are "virtually building" and even though it may look and feel different this go round, we are fulfilling our MWB mission of building a home for one very deserving mother and her family!

Construction began on Tuesday, June 2. Habitat for Humanity has engaged four of their amazing employees to build this house while the site is restricted from volunteers. It will take about 10 working days for this four-person team to complete the work of a typical MWB 40-volunteer work day.

Outside contractors and construction crews are being brought on site as needed and some delays are anticipated as our Habitat four-person team cannot work while contractors are on site (due to Covid-19 safety restrictions) and new work cannot begin until inspections are completed for contracted work. The build continues five days a week and we hope to have a house dedication in August.

We were hoping that the COVID-19 situation would improve over the summer, so that we could bring volunteers to the site. Unfortunately, with the new spikes in cases in Georgia and in the southeast, we do not expect to bring volunteers to the site.

In the meantime, Annie and Denise will keep you updated as to our progress. Thanks for being alongside us and supporting us every step of the way!

What We Do

In 2002, the women of Marist School teamed with Atlanta Habitat for Humanity to form the first high school all-women build in the country. Through the generous donations of our sponsors’ and builders’ time, talent, and treasure, Marist Women Build has now built nineteen homes for deserving families.

Qualifying to become a Habitat for Humanity homeowner is difficult. Click the link to find out more about Habitat for Humanity homeowners.

Time, Talent, and Treasure?

Marist Women Build needs hundreds of women volunteers to work on our construction site to help build an affordable home for a single mom and her family in the city of Atlanta.

This is the easy part: none needed! Our volunteer builders receive direction and support from Atlanta Habitat construction staff and volunteer skilled supervisors on site. All women. No gear, prior experience, or construction skills are necessary or expected. Really.

Marist Women Build raises $80,000 to pay for construction, equipment, and landscaping materials for the home we build. Marist Women Build raises these funds in two ways:
  1. Business and family sponsorships.
  2. Builder fees and donations from our volunteers.
100% of all donations go directly to the cost of building the home.

First Fifty First-Timers

50 Free First-Timers is a program to encourage first-time builders. We are so convinced our first-time builders will return in subsequent build years, we are offering the first 50 women who volunteer for the first time a waiver of their $200 builder fee.

If you are a first-time builder but would like to donate toward the cost of building the home, you are welcome to donate in the amount of your choice.


The mission of Marist Women Build is to partner with Habitat for Humanity affiliates to make homeownership a reality for families in need and to exemplify the Marist School mission of communal pursuit of excellence in service.  The Marist Women Build mission is advanced by educating women about Habitat for Humanity and by nurturing, teaching, and supporting women volunteers to build Habitat for Humanity homes.

Watch Us in Action!

2020 Week 5

This weekend Denise, Jen, and Annie were able to meet Micah, Londyn and Mary “Nana” (Micah’s grandmother) at the house.  We are happy to report that the house is nearing completion!  Habitat has just completed projects that would be typically be included in our Day 6 and Day 7 including installing trim and doors, interior painting, hanging all closet hardware, finishing the soffits, painting the outside of the house, installing kitchen cabinets and countertops, etc.  Upon walking into the house for the first time ever, Micah stretched out her arms and spun around.  She was so thrilled to tour her future home!  Londyn ran to every room and danced.  What a joy it was to witness their happiness!!!   Habitat is aiming to complete the home by the end of August, and they have given Micah a move in date of September 23rd.

2020 Week 4 Continues

The front porch stairs are almost complete! Construction this week included outside contractors working on site: plumbing, electrical, and drywall. We can’t wait to the see the interior with drywall - that’s when it really starts to look like a home!

2020 Week 4

Annie and Denise got the opportunity to go to the site to share in the joy of all the progress this week alongside Micah and Nana!  Even behind her mask, you could hear Micah BEAMING with joy and you could see the excitement in her eyes as she was sharing all her plans for her new home with us!  It was so fun and Annie even made it extra special by bringing celebratory cupcakes! Construction this week included Rachel’s team doing siding, interior framing, and working on the side porch and stairs.

2020 Weeks 2-3

For week two we needed more than a four-person team to "Raise the Roof," so an outside construction crew joined the team! Construction this week included subcontractors doing trusses, decking the roof and installing shingles, windows and exterior doors. 

During week three a small group of house leaders did interior framing tasks and began work on the side porch.

2020 Week 1

Construction began on Tuesday, June 2 with the team of four Habitat employees working five days a week. They are wearing masks (yes, even outside) and being very cautious of social distancing guidelines.

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