Marist Women Build

2020 Virtual Build Week 1

Construction began on Tuesday, June 2 with the team of four Habitat employees working five days a week. They are wearing masks (yes, even outside) and being very cautious of social distancing guidelines.

2020 Virtual Build Weeks 2-3

For week two we needed more than a four-person team to "Raise the Roof," so an outside construction crew joined the team! Construction this week included subcontractors doing trusses, decking the roof and installing shingles, windows and exterior doors. 

During week three a small group of house leaders did interior framing tasks and began work on the side porch.

2020 Virtual Build Week 4

Annie and Denise got the opportunity to go to the site to share in the joy of all the progress this week alongside Micah and Nana!  Even behind her mask, you could hear Micah BEAMING with joy and you could see the excitement in her eyes as she was sharing all her plans for her new home with us!  It was so fun and Annie even made it extra special by bringing celebratory cupcakes! Construction this week included Rachel’s team doing siding, interior framing, and working on the side porch and stairs.

2020 Week 4 Continues

The front porch stairs are almost complete! Construction this week included outside contractors working on site: plumbing, electrical, and drywall. We can’t wait to the see the interior with drywall - that’s when it really starts to look like a home!

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