Alumni Awards

Alumni Awards

Each year, the Marist Alumni Association recognizes extraordinary individuals for their exceptional service to Marist School and to the community.

2023 Distinguished Alumni Award

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  • Christa-Marie Singleton MD, MPH, FACPM, ’83

    Christa-Marie Singleton MD, MPH, FACPM, ’83 is the Chief Medical Officer in the Office of Health Equity at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), where she serves as the principal medical advisor and spokesperson on clinical-to-community topics. She was the first female Marist School graduate to attend the University of Notre Dame, where she received her Bachelor of Science in microbiology. She earned her medical degree from University of Louisville, her Master of Public Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and completed her pediatric residency at Thomas Jefferson University. She currently represents the CDC on several national and local governing boards, steering committees, and advisory councils. Christa-Marie aided the CDC COVID-19 response as a subject matter expert spokesperson. She was recognized for her post-graduate accomplishments by Thomas Jefferson University and University of Louisville, has been a White House Fellowship Program national finalist, and received the 2011 Outstanding Scientific Award from the Atlanta Federal Executive Board. She is a volunteer physician with Dekalb County’s Georgia Board of Health, the founder of Seats at the Table Collaborative, and an active member of Marist Women Build. Christa-Marie’s son is a current student at Marist School in the Class of 2024. She inspires future generations of students through her exceptional professional and civic service achievements.

  • About the Distinguished Alumni Award

    To honor and publicly recognize an individual alumni for achievements that demonstrate the qualities of the Marist Mission present in his/her life. Such an individual should incorporate the values and principles upon which Marist School was founded into all aspects of his/her life including, but not limited to, business and civic affairs. Such recognition thereby brings to the attention of Marist School and the general public those individuals whose success reflects favorably upon the school; and brings to the attention of the student body those persons whose achievements might serve as inspiration for future generations.


    The recipient may be a man or woman who is a graduate of Marist School and possesses the following qualifications: (a) Leadership/Recognition in his/her chosen profession and (b) Recognition in the community for leadership in civic and/or religious affairs.
  • Previous Award Recipients

    2022: Catherine "Kit" Hoover Sullivan '88
    2020: Sean P. McVay '04
    2019: Dr. Monya A. Ruffin-Nash '92
    2018: Christopher M. Carr '90
    2017: Paul Muldawer '50 
    2016: Mary Humann Judson '84
    2015: William G. Roche '76
    2014: Bret Baier '88
    2013: Richard Stanton "Dick" White, Jr. '52 
    2012: Rev. James Lawrence Harrison, III '46
    2011: Ernie Johnson, Jr. '74
    2010: Gordon J. Azar, M.D. '52
    2009: John B. Attanasio '72
    2008: Frank J. McCloskey '68
    2007: R.J. “Jim” Griffin, Jr. ’62 
    2006: H. Hamilton Smith ’53 
    2005: M.P. “Pat” Greene, Jr. ’48 
    2004: Edward J. Fechtel, Jr. ’53 
    2003: James A. Kelly ’54 
    2002: Dr. Joseph A. Snitzer ’49 
    2001: Charles W. Harrison ’48 
    2000: Paul V. Applegarth ’64 
    1999: Richard H. Leike ’60 
    1998: Dr. William C. Waters ’46 
    1997: W. Terence Walsh ’61 
    1996: Hon. Philip F. Etheridge ’60 
    1995: Herbert J. Dickson ’43 
    1994: William W. Murphy ’39 
    1993: Francis J. Manley ’48 
    1992: John H. Kelly ’57 
    1991: Richard J. Reynolds ’52 
    1990: James S. Carroll ’61 
    1989: Julian B. Mohr ’48 
    1988: Frank S. McGaughey, Jr. ’41
    1987 : Charles A. Fitzgerald ’41 
    1986: Robert Strickland ’44 
    1985: R. Carl “Hap” Chandler ’35 
    1984: Lindsey Hopkins, Jr. ’23 
    1983: William J. McAlpin ’23 
    1982: Michael G. Walsh ’60 
    1981: A.V. Gude ’39 
    1980: Donald Oberdorfer ’18 
    1979: Alex Smith ’41 
    1978: Emory Cocke ’15 
    1977: George Craft ’27

2023 Outstanding Young Alumni Award

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  • Colin S. Muething, PhD, BCBA-D, ’03

     is the director of the Severe Behavior Program at Marcus Autism Center. Marcus Autism Center awarded Colin’s exceptional commitment to giving back to his community with the 2022 Community Service Award. Colin is also an associate professor of the department of pediatrics at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. He received his Bachelor and Master of Education degrees from the University of Georgia and his doctorate in school psychology from The University of Texas at Austin. He is a past president of the Georgia Association of Behavior Analysis, current chair of the Licensure Committee for Behavior Analysts in Georgia, and serves on four editorial boards, including the “Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis”, the flagship journal in his field. The noble pursuit of his calling to care for children in need and his dedication to that service in his community exemplifies the mission of Marist School.
  • About the Outstanding Young Alumni Award

    To recognize a young alumni whose achievements in career and/or service to the community have demonstrated excellence. Service or support of Marist School is also a consideration.


    The recipient must be an alumni of Marist School who graduated no more than 20 years ago, and who demonstrates excellence in career and/or service to the community.
  • Previous Award Recipients

    2022: Margaret M. Mullins '06
    2020: Kenneth C. Brinson, Jr. '15
    2019: Greg Benoit '02
    2018: Dr. Barbara Overend McElhanon '98
    2017: Titania Gibson Jordan '99
    2016: John Lanier '04
    2015: Wynne P. Kelly '96
    2014: Leigh Torrence, Jr. '00
    2013: Matt Harpring '94
    2012: Michael D. Moroski '97
    2011: Adam M. Murphy '93
    2010: Michael J. Cascone '92
    2009: K. Benjamin "Ben" Lawder '00
    2008: W. Alec Millen '88

2023 Father Hartnett Service Award

List of 3 items.

  • Kelleen C. Fitzgerald, MD, ’85

    Dr. Kelleen C. Fitzgerald ’85 earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Georgetown University and her medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. She completed her internal medicine internship and residency at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Kelleen cofounded The Atlanta Internists in Sandy Springs in 2015, where she practices internal medicine and is a member of the National Lipid Association. Kelleen volunteers her God-given talents in service to others through Mercy Care Street Medicine, which brings primary care to the homeless of Atlanta. She also serves as the Marist School Alumni Board Co-Vice President of Service and Spirituality, working to provide alumni with opportunities to learn and live the Marist Way. She has three children, two of whom graduated from Marist School in the Classes of 2015 and 2022. Her service to volunteer projects, planning retreats, and supporting many other spiritual offerings through the Marist Alumni Association’s Service and Spirituality Committee has made a lasting impact on the Marist community.
  • About the Father Hartnett Service Award

    To bring public recognition to an individual alumni or friend who has distinguished him/herself by demonstrating exemplary service to Marist School. Through said service, the individual has revealed that the values and principles upon which Marist School was founded and the qualities of the Marist Mission are present in his/her life. Such recognition thereby brings to the attention of Marist School and the general public those individuals whose success reflects favorably upon the school; and brings to the attention of the student body those persons whose achievements might serve as inspiration for future generations.


    The recipient must be a man or woman who is a graduate or friend of Marist School. The recipient should have demonstrated exemplary service to Marist School.
  • Previous Award Recipients

    2022: Mark F. Galvin '85
    2020: Mr. James B. Roberts '99
    2019: Mrs. Natalie Smith Childs '86
    2018: Mrs. Megan Citarella Stewart '95
    2017: Dr. Sarah Carr Evans '93 
    2016: Mr. Stephen M. Raeber
    2015: Mr. C. Knox Withers '96
    2014: Ms. Dee Lane Eades '79
    2013: Mr. Albert Michael Ashkouti '61 
    2012: Mr. Patrick Crawford '77
    2011: Mr. Brooks A. "Tony" Nicholson '58
    2010: Mrs. Marianne Ravry McDevitt '89
    2009: Mr. William J. "Joe" Bruckner '62
    2008: Mr. Michael S, Reeves '67
    2007: Mr. William “Bill” M. Rich ’59
    2006: Mr. Timothy J. Cambias, Sr.
    2005: Mrs. Celine Sherman Stribling ’78 
    2004: Mr. Asbury Snow
    2003: Mr. J. Robert Fitzgerald 
    2002: Mr. John J. Tarleton, Jr. ’51 
    2001: Mr. George V. Belkofer ’62 
    2000: Mr. Mark W. Hennessy ’72 
    1999: Mr. Clarence H. Smith ’68 
    1998: Mr. Thomas O’Haren 
    1997: Mr. Michael W. Trapp 
    1996: Mr. H. Timothy McKane ’65 
    1995: Mr. E. H. Mattingly, Sr. 
    1994: Mr. E. Vincent McMahon ’31 
    1993: Mr. R. Reid Trapani 
    1992: Mr. Bill Medbery ’71 
    1991: Mr. R. William Murray ’65 & Rev. Charles F. Brogley, S.M. 
    1990: Mr. William Jordan ’35
All alumni, parents of alumni, faculty, and staff are invited to nominate an individual for each of the awards described below. Each January, a Nominating Committee will review the entries and select recipients based on the criteria listed here. Recipients are announced in the spring of that year.

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