Alumni Awards

Alumni Awards

Each year, the Marist Alumni Association recognizes extraordinary individuals for their exceptional service to Marist School and to the community.

2022 Distinguished Alumni Award

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  • Catherine "Kit" Hoover Sullivan '88

    Catherine "Kit" Hoover Sullivan '88
    is an Emmy-nominated television host and broadcast journalist who believes strongly that Marist School helped shape her life. Through the years, Kit has remained involved with her alma mater. In 2004, she was inducted into Marist’s Blue and Gold Athletics Circle in recognition of her outstanding athletic achievements. Most recently, as the guest of honor at the virtual Alumni Women’s Luncheon in 2021, Kit shared stories about her formative years at Marist as well as a glimpse into her career which has been guided by purpose, hard work, and resiliency.

    A talented student-athlete, Kit competed on the track and cross country teams for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she earned a bachelor of arts degree in communications. She made her television debut in 1995 as a cast member on the original season of MTV's "Road Rules." Kit went on to serve as a correspondent for Fox Broadcasting Company's newsmagazine "FOX Files" and hosted ESPN2's "Cold Pizza," among other television appearances. For more than a decade, she has served as the beloved host of "Access Daily" and "Access Hollywood" alongside Mario Lopez and Scott Evans. In this role, she shares entertainment news, lifestyle tips, and uplifting stories with sincerity, relatability, and kindness.

    Through her extraordinary career achievements, Kit inspires current and future generations and demonstrates how to persevere to achieve one's personal and professional aspirations. A fitness enthusiast, Kit currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband and three children. For Kit, Catholic education is important, and she has continued her family’s tradition by sending her children to Catholic schools.

    Reflecting on her Marist experience, Kit said, "To me, Marist is family. Marist has made me who I am today. When I think about my family, my faith, my friends, my career—all of it came from the lessons that I learned at Marist."
  • About the Distinguished Alumni Award

    To honor and publicly recognize an individual alumni for achievements that demonstrate the qualities of the Marist Mission present in his/her life. Such an individual should incorporate the values and principles upon which Marist School was founded into all aspects of his/her life including, but not limited to, business and civic affairs. Such recognition thereby brings to the attention of Marist School and the general public those individuals whose success reflects favorably upon the school; and brings to the attention of the student body those persons whose achievements might serve as inspiration for future generations.


    The recipient may be a man or woman who is a graduate of Marist School and possesses the following qualifications: (a) Leadership/Recognition in his/her chosen profession and (b) Recognition in the community for leadership in civic and/or religious affairs.
  • Previous Award Recipients

    2020: Sean P. McVay '04
    2019: Dr. Monya A. Ruffin-Nash '92
    2018: Christopher M. Carr '90
    2017: Paul Muldawer '50 
    2016: Mary Humann Judson '84
    2015: William G. Roche '76
    2014: Bret Baier '88
    2013: Richard Stanton "Dick" White, Jr. '52 
    2012: Rev. James Lawrence Harrison, III '46
    2011: Ernie Johnson, Jr. '74
    2010: Gordon J. Azar, M.D. '52
    2009: John B. Attanasio '72
    2008: Frank J. McCloskey '68
    2007: R.J. “Jim” Griffin, Jr. ’62 
    2006: H. Hamilton Smith ’53 
    2005: M.P. “Pat” Greene, Jr. ’48 
    2004: Edward J. Fechtel, Jr. ’53 
    2003: James A. Kelly ’54 
    2002: Dr. Joseph A. Snitzer ’49 
    2001: Charles W. Harrison ’48 
    2000: Paul V. Applegarth ’64 
    1999: Richard H. Leike ’60 
    1998: Dr. William C. Waters ’46 
    1997: W. Terence Walsh ’61 
    1996: Hon. Philip F. Etheridge ’60 
    1995: Herbert J. Dickson ’43 
    1994: William W. Murphy ’39 
    1993: Francis J. Manley ’48 
    1992: John H. Kelly ’57 
    1991: Richard J. Reynolds ’52 
    1990: James S. Carroll ’61 
    1989: Julian B. Mohr ’48 
    1988: Frank S. McGaughey, Jr. ’41
    1987 : Charles A. Fitzgerald ’41 
    1986: Robert Strickland ’44 
    1985: R. Carl “Hap” Chandler ’35 
    1984: Lindsey Hopkins, Jr. ’23 
    1983: William J. McAlpin ’23 
    1982: Michael G. Walsh ’60 
    1981: A.V. Gude ’39 
    1980: Donald Oberdorfer ’18 
    1979: Alex Smith ’41 
    1978: Emory Cocke ’15 
    1977: George Craft ’27

2022 Outstanding Young Alumni Award

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  • Margaret M. Mullins '06

    Margaret M. Mullins '06, the national security advisor to United States Senator Raphael Warnock (Ga.), incorporates the values and principles upon which Marist School was founded into all of her pursuits. An accomplished scholar who holds a bachelor's degree in international politics, security studies, and Arab studies from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, a master's degree in public affairs from Princeton University’s School of Public and International Affairs, and a doctor of law degree from Georgetown University Law Center, Margaret also served as an active-duty intelligence officer in the U.S. Army. She deployed to Afghanistan in 2013 as a Platoon Leader while serving with the 3rd Infantry Division out of Fort Stewart, Georgia. She later served at U.S. Army Europe headquarters as an aide-de-camp to the Deputy Commanding General and as a senior intelligence analyst. Among her many achievements and recognitions, Margaret has received the Bronze Star Medal and two meritorious service medals.
  • About the Outstanding Young Alumni Award

    To recognize a young alumni whose achievements in career and/or service to the community have demonstrated excellence. Service or support of Marist School is also a consideration.


    The recipient must be an alumni of Marist School who graduated no more than 20 years ago, and who demonstrates excellence in career and/or service to the community.
  • Previous Award Recipients

    2020: Kenneth C. Brinson, Jr. '15
    2019: Greg Benoit '02
    2018: Dr. Barbara Overend McElhanon '98
    2017: Titania Gibson Jordan '99
    2016: John Lanier '04
    2015: Wynne P. Kelly '96
    2014: Leigh Torrence, Jr. '00
    2013: Matt Harpring '94
    2012: Michael D. Moroski '97
    2011: Adam M. Murphy '93
    2010: Michael J. Cascone '92
    2009: K. Benjamin "Ben" Lawder '00
    2008: W. Alec Millen '88

2022 Father Hartnett Service Award

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  • Mark F. Galvin '85

    Mark F. Galvin '85
    President and Founder of ePresence, LLC, Mark F. Galvin '85 is a social media expert with nearly four decades of business management and hotel industry experience. A pioneering leader in social media, Mark specializes in blending technology, marketing, networking, and social branding. His company manages social media for organizations and individuals. Marist School is a family tradition for Mark, and he joins his father Frank Galvin '55 and children Jim '14 and Claire '21 in preserving the family legacy at Marist. Mark has provided exemplary service to Marist School, embodying Marist values and inspiring current and future generations of Marist students. Demonstrating his deep commitment to his alma mater, Mark serves on the Marist Alumni Association Board and is a founding member of Marist’s Synaxis, a men's group that meets monthly to discuss how their faith is both challenged and fortified in today's world. In an effort to sustain the mission of the Society of Mary, he is in the midst of a three-year program to explore and implement a Marist laity program at the school. 
  • About the Father Hartnett Service Award

    To bring public recognition to an individual alumni or friend who has distinguished him/herself by demonstrating exemplary service to Marist School. Through said service, the individual has revealed that the values and principles upon which Marist School was founded and the qualities of the Marist Mission are present in his/her life. Such recognition thereby brings to the attention of Marist School and the general public those individuals whose success reflects favorably upon the school; and brings to the attention of the student body those persons whose achievements might serve as inspiration for future generations.


    The recipient must be a man or woman who is a graduate or friend of Marist School. The recipient should have demonstrated exemplary service to Marist School.
  • Previous Award Recipients

    2020: Mr. James B. Roberts '99
    2019: Mrs. Natalie Smith Childs '86
    2018: Mrs. Megan Citarella Stewart '95
    2017: Dr. Sarah Carr Evans '93 
    2016: Mr. Stephen M. Raeber
    2015: Mr. C. Knox Withers '96
    2014: Ms. Dee Lane Eades '79
    2013: Mr. Albert Michael Ashkouti '61 
    2012: Mr. Patrick Crawford '77
    2011: Mr. Brooks A. "Tony" Nicholson '58
    2010: Mrs. Marianne Ravry McDevitt '89
    2009: Mr. William J. "Joe" Bruckner '62
    2008: Mr. Michael S, Reeves '67
    2007: Mr. William “Bill” M. Rich ’59
    2006: Mr. Timothy J. Cambias, Sr.
    2005: Mrs. Celine Sherman Stribling ’78 
    2004: Mr. Asbury Snow
    2003: Mr. J. Robert Fitzgerald 
    2002: Mr. John J. Tarleton, Jr. ’51 
    2001: Mr. George V. Belkofer ’62 
    2000: Mr. Mark W. Hennessy ’72 
    1999: Mr. Clarence H. Smith ’68 
    1998: Mr. Thomas O’Haren 
    1997: Mr. Michael W. Trapp 
    1996: Mr. H. Timothy McKane ’65 
    1995: Mr. E. H. Mattingly, Sr. 
    1994: Mr. E. Vincent McMahon ’31 
    1993: Mr. R. Reid Trapani 
    1992: Mr. Bill Medbery ’71 
    1991: Mr. R. William Murray ’65 & Rev. Charles F. Brogley, S.M. 
    1990: Mr. William Jordan ’35
All alumni, parents of alumni, faculty, and staff are invited to nominate an individual for each of the awards described below. Each January, a Nominating Committee will review the entries and select recipients based on the criteria listed here. Recipients are announced in the spring of that year.

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