Marist Advisory Program

Following on the heels of our 7th and 8th grade Foundations Program, which builds a community-within-the-community, Marist 9th graders enter into the Marist Advisory Program (MAP), a student-focused support system that helps personalize the Marist School experience.

The program will pair a faculty advisor with 11 or 12 students. This group will meet each morning and stay together through all four years of high school. Advisors will serve a unique role in their advisees’ school life because of this daily, sustained interaction.

Each week the advisory groups will have a discussion or do an activity that is focused on a particular theme. For the 9th grade year some of the themes are friendship, preventing bullying, and tools for academic success. As you can see, some of the themes address academic issues, being smart, others address character development, being good. By helping to develop meaningful habits of mind and heart in the lives of students, the program helps to achieve the school’s mission to “form the whole person in the image of Christ.”


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  • 9th Grade: Me and Others

    The Marist Advisory Program for the ninth grade develops students’ ability to communicate with and relate to others. The program addresses friendship and relationship issues as well as works to prevent bullying. The program also helps students to approach and to interact with their teachers and other adults with confidence and maturity. Finally, the program guides both new and returning students as they transition from their middle school experience into the high school.
  • 10th Grade: Marist and Me

    The Marist Advisory Program for the tenth grade relies on the traditions and expectations, both academic and personal, of Marist the school, so that the students might become more fully Marist a people. This includes discussing and developing many virtues, such as honor, empathy, integrity, compassion, trust, understanding, kindness, and a healthy approach to competition. The program helps students to form and articulate their own vision and mission for their remaining years here. Finally, the program helps students to combat racism while promoting diversity in the school community.
  • 11th Grade: Me and the World

    The Marist Advisory Program for the eleventh grade broadens what the students experienced in the ninth and tenth grades. Rather than focusing on students’ immediate surroundings, though, this year of the program helps students understand and relate to their global community. This includes exploring such issues as citizenship, service, and environmental awareness. The program continues to help students combat racism while promoting diversity, this time in the community at large. The program also helps students identify the qualities that define effective leadership.
  • 12th Grade: Being Marist in the World

    This capstone year of the Marist Advisory Program prepares students to be Marist once they leave the school. To achieve this, the program has students draw upon the topics and skills from the previous three years while they address the moral and ethical dilemmas they will face in college and careers once they leave this community. The program will conclude by helping students to form and articulate their own vision and mission for the next four years of their lives.

Advisory Program Director

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  • Photo of Nicole Salkaus

    Mrs. Nicole Salkaus 

    Dean of Student Life & Advisory Program Director

MAP Mission

The mission of the Marist Advisory Program is to personalize the Marist School experience by responsibly supporting and conscientiously cultivating each advisee’s character and scholarship.

MAP Philosophy

Learning can only occur when students feel cared for. We will model Mary's caring spirit for her Son, Jesus, and the early church. In Jose Rodriguez’s Elements and Characteristics of a Marist Education, we learn that “In Mary, we discover the attention and care that allows for personal growth and one’s autonomy.” The program will provide a caring, attentive environment that fosters advisees’ growth and helps guide them towards independent, right action.

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