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The instrumental music department believes that music is an intrinsic and fundamental part of the human experience. It is an integral part of everyday life and a necessary component in the development of both humanness and spirituality. It is a language that begins where all other languages end. 

The mission of instrumental educators is twofold. First and foremost, their objective is to develop the performance, rehearsal, and personal practice habits of each student in order to give them a skill they can enjoy for their entire lives. This is done through the exploration of music literature from all genres and cultures, the development of technical facility, the gradual improvement of reading skills, and membership in quality performing ensembles of all sizes. It is the department’s hope that students leave Marist prepared for music-related careers in education, performance, music business and industry, and music law.


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  • Beginning Band (FA117: Grades 7-9)

    This yearlong course offers the beginning band student the opportunity to learn to play a band instrument on the introductory level. Term 1 focuses on the theory and techniques of brass, woodwind, and percussion playing. Topics include note and rhythm reading, tone production, embouchure, and hand control. Term 2 begins the study of ensemble music playing, and term 3 offers performance opportunities. One outside concert per term is required. Instruments available for study are brass (trumpet, French horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba), woodwind (flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, saxophone), and percussion (snare, marimba, tympani). Instruments are provided.
  • Concert Band (FA131-133: Grades7-9)

    This three-term course is designed to provide continued learning experiences at the intermediate level. Emphasis is on expanded repertoire, technical fluency, and tone production. One outside performance is required per term.
  • Commercial Music Ensemble (FA171: Grades 7-12)

    Commercial Music Ensemble provides students with the opportunity to obtain an understanding of music performance. To reinforce this understanding, the course will cover topics such as formal analysis, music theory, individual part preparation, and integration of individual parts into the ensemble.
  • Introduction to Music Technology (FA148: Grades 9-12)

    This one-term course will introduce the concepts of music technology and its use in current music production methods. Students will manipulate MIDI protocol and create multi-track compositions and song accompaniments using sequencing software. Students will also analyze formal elements of music and learn correct operational techniques for sound reinforcement systems. Students will explore acoustics, audio recording and its applications, music theory, and other music-related topics as they implement current technology.
  • Marching Band (FA121: Grades 7-12)

    This one-term course is composed of a group of students known collectively as the Marist War Eagle Marching Band. The course requires extensive after-school rehearsals as well as performances at all football games and at several competitions and parades during the season. Wind instruments and percussion meet together for music preparation during class and are joined by color guard groups in the afternoons. Attendance at a one-week summer band camp is required (fee to be announced annually). Marching Band is a Fall Varsity letter sport.
  • Symphonic Band (FA151-153: Grades 7-11)

    This three-term ensemble is designed to provide a musical outlet for the more advanced instrumental musician. The band performs music in a variety of compositional styles and participates in various contests and festivals throughout the year. At least one outside performance is required per term.
  • Wind Ensemble (FA162-163: Grades 10-12)

    This two-term ensemble, offered during the winter and spring terms each year, is the most advanced instrumental performance ensemble at Marist. The band performs both on and off campus at a variety of functions, contests, and festivals as well as in conjunction with the Marist Chorale. The group is an excellent outlet for serious musical performance in the classical, contemporary, and experimental music idioms. Outside performances are required.

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