Parents and Spirituality

The Marists are inviting you to a deeper connection with the Society of Mary. Participate in one of the following activites to advance the Marist Way.

All the activities below are an expression of the Way of the Marists, or the Marist Way.  All associated with Marist School are invited to take part in these activities to come to a deeper understanding of what it means to “be Marist.”  For further exploration of the common themes of Marist identity and the spirituality of the Society of Mary, contact Mike Coveny at

Prayer Communities

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  • Marist Mothers Prayer Group

    Marist Mothers Prayer Group Page

    Mothers of all faiths gather together to pray for the needs of the Marist Community. Marist Mothers Prayer Group offers community prayer requests, monthly meetings with faith-related speakers, weekly rosary and email meditations, a bible study, and an annual retreat.


    Melissa Cochran and Elizabeth Ryll
  • Marist Women’s Bible Study

    Women's Bible Study Page
    Marist Women's Bible Study is back in person and meets on Thursdays at 11:00 a.m. in the Satellite Conference Room. We combine our shared experiences with prayer, music, and resources to break open the Word and open our hearts to the Holy Spirit. Contact Kathy Sexton if you have any questions. Marist women of all faiths are welcome! 

    Contact: Kathy Sexton at
  • Marist Mothers of Alumni Prayer Group

    Alumni mothers of all faiths are invited to join other alumni mothers to pray for their graduates and the Marist community. We learn from one another as we face the challenges in the next stage of our lives. Everyone is welcome to attend any of the MMAPG meetings held in the Marist chapel, typically on the first Tuesday of each month (11:30 a.m.), whether or not you were a part of Marist mothers Prayer Group (MMPG) while your children attended Marist. It is a morning of prayer, fellowship, and fun.

  • Spirit of Mary

    A group study series designed for women to discuss what it means to follow Jesus looking through the eyes of his mother, Mary. The study provides insights from the Marist perspective as well as using biblical references. The series is divided into three parts: Pray, Ponder, and Act. Each part is an independent 6-week session. Groups are forming in fall 2021 and winter 2022. Women of all faiths are welcome.

    Trish Hoff or Marie Spies
  • Marist Men’s Bible Study

    Every Tuesday morning at 7 a.m., the Marist Men’s Bible Study meets in the Fr. Colin Room (ground floor of the Library building) for an informal hour of prayer, learning, fellowship, and coffee. Led by one of the Marist priests, we study the scripture readings for the following Sunday. No experience is necessary and no sign-up is required. If you have questions, or if you would like to be added to the weekly e-mail list, please contact:
  • Synaxis Men’s Group

    The meeting design is for a small group of men to meet monthly to discuss how their faith is both challenged and fortified in today's world. This group has the courage to discuss any and all topics affecting husbands, dads, industry leaders, workers, the single life, and more. 

    Contact: Mark Galvin '85,
  • Alumni Service and Spirituality

    Marist School Alumni are encouraged continue their spiritual growth after leaving Marist School. The Marist Alumni Association offers alumni opportunities for spiritual education, community service, retreats, prayer groups, and social gatherings.

    Contact: Katie Brown ‘06 & Fr. Mark Kenney, S.M.

Service Opportunities

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Service Collaborations on Campus

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  • Centro Hispano Marista

    The Center for Hispanic Young Adult Education and Faith Formation, founded by the Society of Mary in 2012, offers young, Hispanic adults the opportunity to obtain their GEDs. Volunteer instructors and other classroom volunteers are welcomed during Tuesday evening sessions September through May.

  • Reach for Excellence

    Founded by the Society of Mary, Reach for Excellence is a tuition-free academic and leadership enrichment program that changes the lives of underserved middle school students. Volunteer opportunities are open to students, parents, and community members.

    Contact: Karen Dessables,

Marist Way Saturdays

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  • Community Discussion Group

    Join us on a Saturday morning for Mass and a discussion to gain a basic introduction into the Society of Mary and its way of life.  
    The Society of Mary is the founding congregation of Marist School, and its Spirit animates all we do here.   
    Lay persons are going to be asked to take on more responsibility for the spiritual foundations here at Marist School, and this basic starting and “sharing” point will advance that ongoing effort.

    Contact: Mr. Mike Coveny,

“Marists are called to be missionaries of prayer and missionaries of action.”
Fr. Jean-Claude Colin

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