Marist School's Athletic Trainers Take Care of Our Athletes

When the final bell rings at the end of the day, the Athletic Training Room, tucked away in Marist School’s Centennial Center, fills with students.
Easily transforming into one of the busiest spots on campus, the training room is frequented by Marist’s student-athletes for pre-practice or pre-competition sports-related medical services. Marist sports medicine takes a comprehensive approach to serving all middle and high school athletes. Students have daily access to qualified medical personnel before, during, and after games and practices. Having certified athletic trainers on campus every day gives athletes and parents peace of mind, knowing that a skilled medical professional is available for evaluation, assessment, and treatment of any sport-related injury if the need arises. In honor of National Athletic Training Month, we are highlighting the capable athletic trainers at Marist who take such good care of our student-athletes.

The team is comprised of Head Athletic Trainer Mr. Preston Bazemore, Ms. Kiara Gipson, and Ms. Leah Chandley. From a young age, Mr. Bazemore was interested in sports medicine, and as a high school student, he was on the sidelines, taping ankles and providing basic first aid for his fellow students. He sees serving as an athletic trainer as a vocation, and his favorite aspect of the role is getting to know students on a different level. He said, “I see them on their worst day when they’re hurt and on their best day when they are able to return to play.” Since Mr. Bazemore joined Marist in 2020, he has worked to update the training room with new equipment and make the space more inviting for students of all grade levels, as well as introduce new approaches to help student-athletes. This past fall, the football team practiced yoga led by theology teacher Mrs. Amy Eaglen, which helped them recover from grueling practices and games.

For Ms. Gipson, sports medicine combines her love of sports with her interest in helping others. She said, “I like the fact that we can have a student with us for six years, and we get to see them grow as an athlete and as a person.”

Ms. Chandley’s first introduction into sports medicine was as a student-athlete. She played sports and endured injuries, spending time in physical therapy. Ms. Chandley was drawn to the field because of her love of science and passion for sports. She admires the student-athletes at Marist for their drive to compete and their sense of pride in being a War Eagle. Ms. Chandley said, “When they walk into the training room, we’re here for them. This is a place where they can physically get well, and we also help them with the mental aspect as they recover.”

One of the athletic trainers is available for virtually every high school and middle school athletic competition held on Marist School's campus. They are available for pre-and post-game treatments, as well as for primary management of injuries that occur during an athletic contest—a service that is available for all Marist athletes as well as for all visiting teams.

The trainers design and implement comprehensive rehabilitation plans for Marist athletes with sports-related injuries, working in conjunction with physicians and/or physical therapists to provide opportunities for injured athletes to complete rehabilitation programs on campus under their supervision. The training room is equipped with all of the essential rehabilitation tools, including a whirlpool, ultrasound, Game Ready unit, electrical stimulation unit, and hydroculator for moist heat.

Assistant Athletic Director Mr. Jason Harris said, “Preston, Leah, and Kiara are invaluable to our Marist community. There is an old saying, ‘you don’t need them, until you need them,’ and our staff is always there to answer the call, text, or email. We appreciate their commitment to making Marist athletics great!”

Marist coaches also value the important work of the athletic training team here. Girls Varsity Lacrosse Head Coach Ms. Katie Crowe ’03 said, “Our training staff is one of the best in the business. They are extremely well-trained and knowledgeable, and I feel so comforted as a coach knowing my players are prepared and protected on the field. Having the ability to have a trainer, let alone three, on site, at practices, and at all of our games is such a privilege. It’s one that not all schools are afforded so I know how lucky we are. It allows me as a coach to do my job better knowing they are taking such good care of my players.”

Outside of the training room, Mr. Bazemore also teaches Introduction to Athletic Training and Sports Medicine, a one-term course for grades 11-12 that is designed to include the basic concepts of athletic training as a profession. Along with learning essential life skills such as physical fitness, basic first aid, CPR, and AED certification, students are exposed to other healthcare professionals in areas of physical therapy, chiropractic care, orthopedic surgery, and various settings in which athletic trainers are employed.

Rising 6th through 12th graders interested in sports and medicine also can explore the world of athletic training at Marist’s Sports Medicine Camp, offered July 18-22. Led by Mr. Bazemore, the camp includes guest lectures from healthcare providers as well as hands-on learning, such as CPR/AED, first aid, sports taping, bracing, and casting. The session also includes an “Athletic Training Olympics” in Hughes Spalding Stadium. Visit for more information and to register.

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