Marist Robotics Teams Triumph at State Robotics Tournament

Marist School is happy to congratulate the success of the Marist Robotics teams at the recent State First Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics Tournament held over the weekend. The teams, comprised of students from 7th to 12th grade, showcased exceptional teamwork, technical aptitude, and innovation, setting a high standard for competition. Two Marist teams, along with their esteemed moderator Mr. Christopher Michaud, brought home trophies from the competition.
Throughout the event, Marist's teams demonstrated outstanding performance both in robot operations and technical judging. Notably, the collaboration between the 7th and 9th grade teams proved pivotal in supporting the junior and senior teams, exemplifying the spirit of unity and cooperation within the Marist Robotics community.
After an intense day of competition, Marist Robotics teams 14470 and 16633 partnered to win the state championship title. Team 16633 further distinguished itself by securing the prestigious "Inspiration Award," bestowed upon the best all-around robotics team in Georgia. With this remarkable achievement, Marist Robotics 14470 and 16633 have earned the opportunity to advance to the World FIRST Robotics Championship.
In addition to celebrating the success of the teams, Marist extends congratulations to Business, Computer Science, & Engineering Department Head and Robotics team moderator Mr. Christopher Michaud. Mr. Michaud was honored with the Compass Award at the FTC state competition. Nominated by his students, the Compass Award recognizes Mr. Michaud for his outstanding guidance and support to his students throughout the year and for demonstrating to the team what it means to be a “gracious professional.”
Marist School commends its Robotics teams and Mr. Michaud for their outstanding achievements and wishes them continued success as they prepare for the World FIRST Robotics Championship in April.
Team 14470:
John Allen ’24
Collin Braley ’24
Evan Chandler ’24
Parker Hess ’24
Ken La ’26
Jacob Lovelock ’25
James McNary ’25
Henry Rodrigue ’26

Team 16633:
Kevin Rosas-Barroso ’25
Alessio Toniolo ’25
Russell Markwalter ’25
Cole Saunders ’25
Whit Kester ’25
Harrison Stallings ’26
William Duong ’25
Jack Rodriguez ’25
Barbara Guaderrama ’26

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