Marist Theater's “Something Rotten!” Cooks Up Theatrical Magic

Marist School's latest theatrical extravaganza, "Something Rotten!" not only entertained audiences with its uproarious humor and toe-tapping musical numbers but also left them with a message about staying true to oneself in the pursuit of success. As the curtain closes on another excellent production, Marist School celebrates the talent, dedication, and boundless creativity of its fine arts students.
"Something Rotten!", which ran from March 21-23 in Woodruff Auditorium under the direction of Fine Arts Department Chair and Theater Director Mr. Eric McNaughton ’90, with musical direction by Mrs. Sharon Coheley, choreography by Mrs. Jillian Bauersfeld, and technical direction and design by Mrs. Anna Lee, unfolded with all the vibrancy and energy one could hope for in a high school spring musical at Marist.

Set in the Elizabethan-era, "Something Rotten!" followed the misadventures of the Bottom brothers, Nick and Nigel, portrayed brilliantly by seniors Marshall Cain and Jayce Malec, respectively. Desperate to make a name for themselves in the shadow of the illustrious Shakespeare, played with flair by Brennan Ujda ’24, the duo embarked on a quest to write the world's first musical, guided by the prophetic insights of the eccentric Nostradamus, portrayed with panache by Ana Sophia Riordan ’24.

Throughout the performance, the cast displayed a remarkable synergy, each member perfectly embodying their character and contributing to the comedic brilliance of the show. From senior Adriana Acevedo's charming portrayal of Portia to senior Alexander Lee's comedically stern portrayal of Brother Jeremiah, every actor brought their A-game to the stage.

One audience member, Catherine Markwalter, expressed her admiration for the seniors who took on leading roles, noting the fun they brought to their characters. Indeed, from senior Maisy Withers' portrayal of Nick's supportive wife, Bea, to the dynamic chemistry between Cain and Malec as the bumbling Bottom brothers, the seniors left an indelible mark on the production.

Not only were the stellar performances captivating, but the sheer joy and infectious energy permeating every scene also left a lasting impression. Markwalter aptly noted the depth of the play, saying, “I thought the play was fun. It had so many different layers to it. Everything from the story itself being so funny to the physical comedy with it to all of the references gave it so many different layers."

Behind the scenes, the student technical crew deserves special recognition for their invaluable contributions to the production. Their dedication and hard work ensured that every aspect of the show, from the elaborate set designs to the seamless execution of technical cues, was nothing short of spectacular.

In reflecting on the production, Mr. McNaughton expressed pride in the students' growth and achievements, emphasizing the importance of pushing boundaries and discovering one's true potential. He commended the Marist fine arts students for their commitment to excellence, noting that the cast and crew had exceeded all expectations. “I will speak for the whole creative team and say that this group of young actors, musicians, and technicians has nailed it on the head,” said Mr. McNaughton.

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