Honoring Legacy at Annual Mass of Remembrance

Marist School recently hosted its annual Mass of Remembrance, a cherished tradition that pays homage to alumni who passed away in the preceding year. Held on Sunday, February 25, the event brought together alumni, family, and friends to commemorate the lives and influence of those who have enriched the Marist community. This year, Marist honored not only departed alumni but also two former beloved faculty members: theology teacher Mr. David Donahue and band director Mr. Mark Craddock.
The event began with a pre-reception at the Marist Library, where families of the deceased were welcomed to peruse a selection of specially chosen books. Each book, meticulously curated to reflect the passions of the departed, bore dedications in their honor. Attendees embraced this time to reflect on and celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

“The Marist Library has dedicated memorial books to alumni since 2010 as a way for current and future students to connect with the memories of Marist graduates,” shared Library Director Mr. Brian Collier. The library staff collaborates with Marist’s Alumni Office to research the alumni who passed away in the previous year, paying particular attention to the things people were passionate about.

“This is a bittersweet process as we discover how far these Marist branches have grown and the fruit they’ve born over the years, but we also wish we had the chance to meet all these fascinating people,” Mr. Collier says. “We select books that reflect these aspects of each person’s life, with the intention that one day, a student will open that book and ask about the person named inside.”

Dedications are recorded in the library catalog, and staff are available year-round to assist relatives who are unable to attend the Mass of Remembrance. These dedications serve as a lasting tribute, ensuring that the spirit and contributions of our alumni continue to resonate within the Marist community for generations to come.

Following the pre-reception, attendees gathered in Esmond Brady Memorial Chapel for the Mass of Remembrance. Co-presidents of the Marist Alumni Association Matt Simmons ’02 and Devon Morgan McKenna ’00 offered the readings, while science teacher Mr. Peter Spalitto provided musical accompaniment, infusing the ceremony with a sense of reverence. As attendees reflected on the lives of the departed, it was evident that their memories continue to guide and inspire the Marist community.

"The Mass of Remembrance is more than just a ceremony; it's a testament to the enduring bonds that unite us as members of the Marist family," remarked Director of Alumni Engagement Mrs. Katie Brown ’06. "It serves as a poignant reminder of the impact we can have on each other's lives and the importance of cherishing every moment we share together."

As we reflect on the close-knit community and enduring spirit of Marist School, we are reminded that our connections with one another, past and present, are what make our community truly special. For those interested in viewing a dedicated book at the Marist Library, please contact to arrange an appointment.

View photos from the 2024 Mass of Remembrance.

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