Love and Legacy at Center of Marist Grandparents Day

On Friday, April 19, Marist School buzzed with joy and activity as over 500 grandparents visited campus for the much-anticipated biennial Grandparents Day. This special day is not just a celebration of family, but a reaffirmation of the enduring values of love, legacy, and community that define Marist School.
The day kicked off with a welcome reception as grandparents enjoyed a light breakfast and coffee, setting the perfect tone for the festivities ahead. As their grandchildren joined them in the Arcade during Activity Period, the atmosphere was warm despite the light rain. Every corner of the Arcade was filled with smiling faces spanning multiple generations, capturing priceless moments through photographs, sharing stories, and embarking on guided tours around the school grounds, including the hilltop chapel.

Proud Marist students guided their grandparents to Young Gym in Centennial Center, where they were treated to a special program. The event featured inspiring remarks from school leadership, including student government co-president Adriana Acevedo ’24 and senior Afton Mosley, who eloquently shared their heartfelt appreciation for their grandparents' influence on their lives. The program was further enriched by President J.D. Childs' remarks, school updates shared by Principal Mr. Kevin Mullally, a spirited performance of “Route 66” by the Marist Singers, and a delightful encore of “We See the Light” from the high school production of “Something Rotten!”

For those unable to join in person, the Marist Broadcasting Club (MBC) ensured that no one missed out by providing a live stream of the event, allowing families to share in the joy from afar.

Reflecting on the importance of grandparents, School Chaplain Father John Ulrich, S.M. aptly remarked, “Today, we are especially grateful for grandparents. They teach us the story of our families, and in many cases, they are the ones who pass on our faith traditions. They help us to understand our family history as we chart our paths into the future.”

This sentiment was beautifully echoed by Grandparents Day Chairs Cathy and Frank Belatti, who shared touching stories of their own family legacies and the profound impact of their grandparents' love and values. As Marist parents to Carrianne Belatti McCormack ’89, Alyson Belatti Watson ’92, Gregory Belatti ’02, and Michael Belatti ’07 and proud grandparents to Emery Watson ’23, Elizabeth Watson ’26, and Jack Watson ’29 and their six other grandchildren, the Belattis painted a heartwarming picture of the future.

Frank Belatti shared his vision of a future where their grandchildren reminisced about the love and support they received from their grandparents. “I hope they say we did everything in our power to sustain and strengthen this place to make it possible for dreams to come true and for love to flourish," he said. "I hope they say that we were a force for good in their lives and that we set an example for them to follow that they never forgot. I hope they remember how much we love them.”

Their hope and commitment to sustaining the Marist community for generations to come were inspiring. After reflecting on the profound legacy grandparents leave behind, Frank Belatti encapsulated the essence of their impact by stating, “All grandparents are superheroes and possess more influence than they realize.”

To all the Marist grandparents, know that your influence is immeasurable, and your love is cherished beyond words. We are grateful for your support of Marist School and your Marist grandchildren.

View photos from Grandparents Day.

Watch the livestream recording of the Grandparents Day program.

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