A History of Marist School in 125 Images

Celebrating Marist School’s 125th Anniversary

Marist School will commemorate its 125th anniversary with a new publication entitled A History of Marist School in 125 Images. This historical account will tell Marist’s story through many voices, expressing the complex nature of the school that was founded by the Society of Mary in downtown Atlanta in 1901. Those voices will include Marist priests, former and current administrators, former and current faculty and staff, alumni, current students, and parents. In the telling, Marist School’s history will be contextualized within the broader history of Atlanta. In this way, both the milestone and daily experiences of the school and its students will be conveyed from diverse perspectives, capturing the multiple strands of school culture that traditional academic history books can fail to capture. 

A major theme of A History of Marist School in 125 Images will be tradition and change. The first half of Marist School’s history is urban, all boys, and military. The second half of the school’s history is suburban, co-educational, and non-military. The book aspires to offer a case study in how schools change while simultaneously evoking traditions that create a sense of continuity and cohesion. The one constant in Marist School’s history is the presence of the Marist priests and the focus on the Society of Mary’s educational mission. That too has undergone transformations as the Catholic Church has changed and the place of the Church in American society has changed. Yet, throughout its history, Marist School has continued to thrive, guided by the Marist spirit and values that help form young people in the image of Christ and prepare them to lead and serve our world with compassion, integrity, and a sense of purpose. 


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