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  • Why 1:1?

    One of the objectives of Marist School is to prepare our students for success in college and beyond by producing independent, life-long learners. To achieve this goal, Marist School believes that it is essential to provide digital access for all students. This access facilitates the collaboration, teamwork and interdisciplinary learning that is so critical to academic and professional success. On
  • What are the device specifications?

    Each student at Marist is issued a Lenovo X230 convertible tablet with an i7 Third Generation processor, 128 GB solid state drive and 8 GB memory.  Each tablet is equipped with touch screen, stylus, power cord, and fingerprint reader. Additionally, the integrated camera, microphone and speakers provide complete multimedia capability. In terms of software, the device has the Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft Office Professional, and other software as required by the curriculum.

    Detailed Specifications:
    Windows 8 Professional
    Processor Intel Core i7-3520M
    Fingerprint X30T Fingerprint Reader
    Wi-Fi wireless LAN adapters Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 100
    Bluetooth 4.0 w/antenna
    Battery 6 cell, ThinkPad Battery X67
    Total memory 8 GB PC3-12800 DDr3 (2DIMM)
    Hard Drive 128GB Solid State Drive SATA3
    Camera X230T 720 p HD Camera
    Security Chip 2 Security Chip Enabled
    AC Adapter and Power Cord 65W
    3 year Warranty and Support
  • What does the student have to do prior to receiving the laptop?

    In the weeks before the beginning of school, incoming Marist students receive initial training in software used at Marist as well as basic care and maintenance of the computer. During this session the student is also introduced to the Marist School Acceptable Use Policy and relevant Technology Department procedures and policies. All incoming students are required to pass an online test prior to the beginning of school to demonstrate their understanding of safe and responsible use of the device.

    The Marist School Acceptable Use Policy is contained in the Student Handbook and may be reviewed there.
  • What kind of warranty does the convertible tablet have?

    The tablet has a 3-year warranty which covers all parts and labor for defective laptops. The battery is covered for one year. It is the responsibility of the individual student’s family to pay for any batteries purchased after the one-year warranty expires.
  • What happens if a student damages a computer?

    When a computer has been damaged, it is the responsibility of the student to bring the computer to the Technology Center for repair. Many problems can be fixed while the student waits. If the computer must be kept overnight (or longer), the student is issued a loaner computer. Students are charged a deductible for damaged computers, with the amount charged dependent upon the severity of the damage. In cases of negligence, intentional damage, or vandalism, the case is referred to the Dean of Students for appropriate disciplinary consequences, as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • What happens if a student damages a loaner computer?

    Loaner computers are not warrantied or insured. A student who damages a loaner computer is charged for all damages.
  • May a student bring a different laptop to school, rather than the school-issued computer?

    Students must use the school-issued laptops at school. A primary motivation for Marist’s 1:1 program is equity. By providing identical machines to each student, Marist ensures equal access to technology for all students.

    In addition to the obvious individual productivity advantages, the program is designed to provide enhanced communication and collaboration opportunities. In order to maximize its effectiveness, it is crucial that all students and teachers have the same hardware and software, and our software license agreements do not permit us to install software on student-owned machines. Standardizing the technology also allows our IT staff to more effectively and efficiently troubleshoot problems, helping to control costs. Students must use the school-issued laptops at school.
  • Is there training for parents?

    Parents receive updates through communications from the Principal as well as information posted on the website. Additionally, the Technology Department offers Parent Information Sessions during the Fall Term.
  • Can the students keep the computers over the summer?

    It is the preference of the Technology Department that students keep their computers over the summer. However, based on software requirements for the following year and required updates, the Technology Department determines whether or not students may keep their computers for the summer. Any computer that is damaged or requires re-imaging at the end of the academic year must be turned in to the Technology Department for repair over the summer. Students are responsible for backing up any data or student-installed programs prior to turning in the tablet for repair/reimaging.
  • Are students issued the same device each year?

  • Does the school provide a case for the laptop?

    The school does not provide a case. Suggested cases are available on the Marist website or the student may purchase a case of his or her choosing. Every tablet MUST have an approved case, however. Should a student’s case be deemed insufficient to protect the device, the student is asked to provide another.
  • What happens when students graduate?

    The machines are leased by Marist School, not owned. As such, Marist does not have the ability to sell individual machines to students. Please note that the software is licensed to the school, not to the student. All graduating students turn in their computer prior to graduation and are charged for any damages to their computer and missing or damaged accessories.
  • Is there a technology fee?

    The Technology Fee for the 2015 - 2016 school year is $550. This fee represents a significant discount from the combined retail cost of the laptop, software, warranty, insurance, and support provided by the school.
  • What happens if there is a technical problem with the computer or the student needs help with hardware or software?

    There are at least four ways that a student can receive help:
      1. Marist School HelpDesk. Students can email helpdesk@marist.com with hardware or software questions or problems. Requests are prioritized but all requests should receive an email answer within 24 hours. In cases where the problem cannot be resolved via email, the student is asked to bring the tablet to the Technology Center.
      2. Technology Center. This area is located in Wooldridge 311 and is staffed from 7:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. During those hours students may drop in for assistance.
      3. Knowledge Base. The Technology section of the Marist website contains a number of video  Tech Tips and online support documents. These address common problems that can be resolved by the user.
      4. Additional training. Tutorial sessions for students are scheduled throughout the year.
  • What does the student use if the laptop is being repaired or replaced?

    The school has a pool of loaner machines for students whose laptops are being repaired or replaced. This pool is not available to those students who have left their machines at home.
  • What happens if a student’s laptop is lost, stolen or damaged?

    Marist School provides an accidental damage and theft protection policy. A student claiming accidental damage or theft must report the incident in writing to the Technology Department.  Our insurance carrier requires that theft claims also be reported to the local police department. Cases of deliberate damage or vandalism are also reported to the Dean’s Office. Additionally intentional destruction or vandalism will not be covered by accident protection and it is the responsibility of the parent to replace or repair the device. Students whose computers are damaged are charged a deductible amount depending upon the severity of the damage.
  • Whom can I contact if I have additional questions about the laptop program?

    For technical questions:                                 
    Mr. Raj Jose, Director of Technology, joser@marist.com

    For instructional/curriculum/software questions: 
    Mrs. Abby Cohen, Technology Integration Specialist, cohena@marist.com
  • How do students connect their tablets to home wireless networks and home printers?

    During initial training students are instructed how to connect to their home networks. Because of the variety of home printers, we cannot offer step-by-step instructions for each, but we are happy to help if the student encounters difficulties.
  • Are students allowed to load their own applications, music, etc., onto school-issued tablets?

    Students may only download approved applications on the school-issued tablets. The laptops are leased by the school and the school reserves the right to inspect them at any time. Students are instructed to use proper backup techniques and cloud storage. The school is not responsible for any programs or data installed on the device itself.
  • May a parent or other family member create an account or use the school-issued laptop for personal use?

    Unfortunately we cannot allow the creation of secondary accounts on school-issued computers. Adding an account or software for non-student use can compromise the security of the laptop itself as well as the Marist network and hinder the ability of the Technology Department to support and maintain the machine. It is important to note that students are responsible for any activity involving their device.
  • May I apply Parental Controls to a school-issued laptop?

    Because parental controls installed directly on the machine can interfere with the student’s access to resources, we cannot allow parental controls to be installed on the machine itself. However a family can install a filter on the home network. Additionally we have conversations at school about safe and responsible technology use and provide information during parent meetings so that these conversations can continue at home.
  • Does Marist School use e-textbooks for all courses?

    At Marist, the choice of textbook is left to the instructor of the course. Some classes continue to use traditional textbooks, others have moved to e-textbooks, and still others offer the family a choice.
  • What is the school’s power management policy?

    Every student is expected to bring a fully charged machine to school each day. The laptops have the latest battery available and students are trained in power management. If it is necessary to charge the battery at school, numerous charging stations are located around campus and in classrooms.
  • What happens if a student forgets to bring the laptop to school?

    Students who come to school without their computers face consequences as dictated by individual teachers. There are no loaners issued to those students who forget their computers.
  • How do students keep track of their laptops at school?

    Each student’s laptop comes with a serial number and a label with his or name on it. Students are expected to take care of their device at school and know where it is at all times. Devices should be placed in a locked locker when not being used.
  • Does the school monitor students while they are using their laptops at school?

    Using classroom management software, teachers are able to view individual screens while students are in class. The Technology Department also has the ability to view individual screens. Please note that according to the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy, Marist School reserves the right to inspect any machine at any time.
  • What does the school do to keep students from inappropriate websites?

    Marist School has filters in place to block inappropriate sites. The Technology Department constantly monitors the sites and the filtering software to ensure that this is up-to-date. No filter, however, is perfect, and students who violate the Acceptable Use Policy face disciplinary consequences.
  • What happens if an accessory is lost or stolen?

    Marist has purchased the accessories separately from the leased machines. These accessories are not covered by the accidental theft or damage policy and students must pay for replacement accessories, which may be ordered directly from the Marist website. 

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