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St. Peter Chanel Society

The St. Peter Chanel Society is named in memory of St. Peter Chanel, the Society of Mary’s first saint who was martyred for his faith. Marist School donors who give at a leadership level of $2,500 or more are recognized in the St. Peter Chanel Society. The impact of their giving is significant and central to the advancement of the school's mission.

Marist School celebrates the exceptional generosity of St. Peter Chanel Society donors at an annual dinner each fall. At this dinner, Marist School presents its highest honor, the St. Peter Chanel Award, to a well-deserving recipient.

St. Peter Chanel Society Giving Levels

Pope Gregory XVI Guild
($25,000 and up)
In 1836, Pope Gregory XVI (1765-1846) officially approved as a religious congregation the Society of Mary, which owns and operates Marist School.
Fr. Jean-Claude Colin Guild
Father Colin (1790-1875) is considered the founder of the Society of Mary.
Fr. John Gunn Guild
Father Gunn (1863-1924) was instrumental in establishing Marist School (then known as Marist College) in 1901 and was ultimately appointed bishop of the Diocese of Natchez. 
Fr. Philip Dagneau Guild
During the difficult days of the depression, Father Dagneau (1884-1971) persevered to keep Marist School open for the young men of Atlanta.
Fr. Vincent Brennan Guild
Father Brennan (1912-1993) was the mastermind behind the purchase and development of Marist School’s campus on Ashford Dunwoody Road.
Fr. James Hartnett Guild
Father Hartnett (1926-2010) was a transformational leader of Marist School, serving as principal and president during his 29-year tenure and overseeing a significant campus expansion.

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  • The Life of St. Peter Chanel

    St. Peter Chanel, S.M. was born in southern France in 1803 and ordained a priest in 1827. After ordination, he worked in two parishes. In 1831, he joined a newly formed religious congregation called the Society of Mary. As a Marist, he was appointed to the first Marist school, a seminary in Belley, France. Eager to do mission work, he volunteered to journey to the South Pacific in 1836 when the Marists were asked by Pope Gregory XVI to accept these mission fields. Father Chanel, known among the islanders as “the man with the good heart,” worked with great zeal but with modest accomplishments. After just a few years, he was martyred on April 28, 1841. In 1954, he was canonized, becoming the first saint of the Society of Mary and the patron saint of Oceania.
  • St. Peter Chanel Award Recipients

    The St. Peter Chanel Award is named for the saint who was martyred for his faith and honors those whose selflessness and love have had a positive impact on the school in a profound and fundamental way. The award recognizes individuals who have provided leadership in enabling Marist School to fulfill its mission and have done so with exceptional support and enthusiasm.

    2022       Mr. and Mrs. John “Jack” S. Markwalter, Jr. 
    2021       Most Reverend
                   Joel M. Konzen, S.M.
    2019       Kathy and Mike Cote
    2018       Mr. Asbury D. (Major) Snow
    2017       Mr. Clarence H. Smith ’68
                   Rev. John H. Harhager, S.M.              
    2016       Mr. Timothy J. Cambias, Sr.
    2015       Mr. Richard J. Reynolds, III ’52 
    2014       Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Belatti
    2013       Dr. and Mrs. Victor E. Corrigan II ’75
    2012       Mr. James E. Winchester, Jr.
    2011       Mr. and Mrs. John T. Rhett III
    2010       Dr. James E. Tally
    2009       Mr. Edward C. Mitchell, Jr.
    2008       Mr. Robert B. Morrison
    2007       Mr. and Mrs. W. James MacGinnite
    2006       Mr. and Mrs. Alexander W. Smith ’41
    2005       Mr. Thomas J. O’Haren
    2004       Mr. J. Robert "Bob" Fitzgerald
    2003       Rev. James L. Hartnett, S.M.
    2002       Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Trapp
    2001       Mr. and Mrs. William R. Buehler
    1999       Mr. and Mrs. William T. Schwendler, Jr.
    The passion and generosity of these St. Peter Chanel Award recipients are central to the advancement of Marist School mission. See the recipients honored through the years.
All donors at and above the Fr. John Gunn Guild level are members of the President's Circle and are invited to the President's Circle Dinner. 

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