Giving Stock

Giving Stock

Gifts of appreciated stocks or securities may result in significant tax benefits for the donor. When a person owns marketable securities that have a long-term gain and gifts them to Marist School, the donor may be able to take the full fair market value of the security as a charitable deduction on his or income tax return and avoid all capital gains taxes. Your financial manager and the Advancement Office can provide information and assistance.

Marist School’s instructions for giving stock have changed as of October 2019.

Instructions for Giving Stock

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  • Step 1

    Marist School Tax ID: 58-0566204

    A. If the stock is in a brokerage or trust account, instruct your stockbroker to have the stock transferred to Marist School’s account at Nettuno Wealth Management:
    Nettuno Wealth Management,
    FSC Securities Corporation
    James B. Roberts
    3025 Windward Plaza, Suite 250
    Alpharetta, GA 30005
    (678) 455-2704 (phone)
    (678) 867-7895 (fax)
    Marist School Account Number: TH8430789
    DTC Number: 0443

    B. If the gift is in the form of a stock certificate registered in your name, send the stock certificate(s) plus a signed stock power under separate cover to Nettuno Wealth Management. Also include a letter stating that you are gifting the stock to Marist. (Mailing the stock power and certificate under separate cover ensures that the stock can only be transferred if the finder has both documents.)
  • Step 2

    Please contact Lexy Mizell, director of advancement services, to inform Marist of your stock gift.
    Phone: (770) 936-6483
    Fax: (770) 825-9025
    Mail: Advancement Office, Marist School, 3790 Ashford Dunwoody Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30319

    Please include the following information in your communication:
    1. Name of the stock and number of shares
    2. Your name, address, and phone number
    3. The purpose of the gift: Annual Fund (or other designation)
    4. The date of the transfer of stock to Marist account

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