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Student Community Service FAQ

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  • Can a parent come in to get service project information for their child?

    Our goal is to help the students themselves be responsible for signing up and getting the necessary project information.
    The more the students do, the more they learn, from choosing a project to contacting the agency ahead of time. One can think of it as fulfilling a class requirement and therefore the students are responsible for earning the grade. More importantly, we hope that students will be engaged in service throughout their lives, and this is a first step in learning how to be an effective volunteer.
  • Can I get a list of all the service projects available to our students?

    Community Service ‘signups’ are in the Campus Ministry Office.
    We post sign-up sheets in Campus Ministry and ask that students come in to check these lists whenever they are interested in volunteering. Because the needs of our partner agencies can change, and because they can accommodate only a limited number of volunteers at one time, it is important that students follow these sign-up procedures.
  • Can I volunteer at a service project other than those coordinated through Campus Ministry?

    It depends on the project.
    Please keep in mind that, in keeping with Catholic Social Teaching, our service should be focused on the poor and those neglected by society. To ensure that the service you have in mind fulfills your class requirements, please confirm with Mrs. Shanahan before volunteering.
  • Do mission trips count for service hours?

    Maybe--check with us.
    Mission Trips (Summer ones, too) may count for that year’s Service hours. Get a Verification Form signed by the agency/church.
  • How do I get credit for my community service hours?

    Take a Verification Form and get it signed. Be honest with your hours!
    Take a Verification Form and get it signed. Be honest with your hours! Bring your signed “Verification Form’ back to the Campus Ministry Office and put it in the folder for Mrs. Shanahan to confirm and sign. Collect your verification form and keep it safe. Your Religion Teacher may want to see it. If a Reflection Paper is required, your Religion Teacher will explain.
  • How do you count service hours if a student participates in a fundraising walk/race?

    Students receive credit for 2 hours of indirect service when they do a fundraising walk/race.
    Because of the nature of these events – the large number of participants, students not under the direct supervision of an agency representative – we decided to standardize the hours rather than specifically time the participants.
  • If I volunteer several times at the same agency, can I have the agency representative sign one form listing the different days?

    Please bring a separate form each time you volunteer at the agency.
    The volunteer coordinators work with many individuals every week, and they DO appreciate you coming back! However, we’d rather not burden them with keeping track of students’ multiple visits.
  • Is transportation time included in a student’s service hours?

    No, it is not.
    Their time at the project is when the students are having an impact, and that is also the time when they are learning from their experiences. This policy is in keeping with other service requirements such as confirmation requirements or court-ordered service.
  • Will Campus Ministry keep track of all of my community service hours?

    Campus Ministry will record all 'non Marist' service hours in addition to the hours you get credit for. There is a form in the Campus Ministry Office for this. You may want to use them for your college applications. An update of your Community Service hours is available at any time.

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  • 7th grade – 4 hours (direct or indirect)
  • 8th grade – 6 hours (direct or indirect)
  • 9th grade – 8 hours (at least six hours direct)
  • 10th grade – 10 hours (at least eight hours direct)
  • 11th grade – 10 hours (at least eight hours direct)
  • 12th grade – 12 hours (direct)

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