Spirit of Mary

Women of the Marist School community, teachers, faculty, mothers, and friends are invited to join a discussion group study series to more deeply know and share Christ’s love with a world so greatly in need. Women of all faiths are welcome to participate.
This ministry was initially created for mothers to become impassioned by the choices of Mary; however, women of all backgrounds can easily relate to this study because of the female experience that we share. 
The Spirit of Mary is a three-part series that enables women to gather and explore Marist Spirituality. The discussions are facilitated by fellow Marist women. The first book in the series, Pray, blends Scripture, Marist history, and personal reflection to remind us, as Father Colin encouraged, “to be missionaries of prayer and action.” The second book, Ponder, uses Scripture and personal reflection to assist women in thinking, judging, and feeling as Mary did. Finally, the third book, Act, explores aspects of our lives that will allow us to follow in Mary’s footsteps and give our own “Yes” to God. 
Spirit of Mary groups are available during the fall and winter portions of the school year.  Sessions are offered when leaders can meet like during the school day, on weekends, or for an evening.
The discussion group consists of a female facilitator who can meet at the same time of day for six weeks and generally has 6-8 participants. Typically, the group stays together (if possible; not a requirement) and is able to establish a relationship that can endure beyond the realm of your study of Mary and help to influence the whole of your faith life.

Facilitators Needed

Women and mothers are the heart and soul of the Spirit of Mary small discussion groups. Your spiritual wisdom is vital to the growth and success of this program. No prior experience is necessary, just an open heart and a desire to enrich the Marist families to which you are connected. Contact Trish Hoff or Marie Spies at thespiritofmary@gmail.com for more information.

History of Spirit of Mary

Katie Kibbe, mom of a Marist alumna and author of Spirit of Mary, Pray, Ponder and Act, was called to write a study series to connect the mother of Jesus to you, women of Marist seeking spiritual wisdom. Katie shares, “When a mother falls in love with Jesus and comes to understand more personally the deep and abiding trust that allowed Mary to say “Yes” to God over and over again, profound changes happen not only in her life, but the life of her family as well.”
When Katie’s daughter was admitted to Marist School, she was very apprehensive about what it meant to be connected to the Marist community. Katie admits now, “Little did I know that Marist School would become more than just an academic home for my child, it would become a spiritual home for our family.” 
While seeking to learn more about the Marist Way of Life, Katie participated in family Masses, Marist Women’s Bible study, and  Marist Mothers Prayer Group. After joining a Marist Way group of mothers who were seeking to learn more about the Marist history and spirituality (taught by Mike Coveny, director of the Marist Way Program, and facilitated by Fr. Joel Konzen, former Principal of Marist School) Katie learned the unique values of Marists through the Society of Mary. Through experiences at her parish, Katie realized that she preferred joining in conversations around a table with other women who wanted to know how to love God and others more fully. She felt in her heart that God wanted her to share this information with other moms who might want to be truly connected to Marist.  
As Katie found answers to her many questions in the Marist writings, she also began to see that small discussion groups, for women by women, could be a way for Mary to continue her work in the 21st century. 
And so, The Spirit of Mary was born. 

Get Involved

Spirit of Mary will be offering group study sessions for Pray, Ponder and Act this fall 2021 and winter 2022. By sharing your intent to join Spirit of Mary, you assist us in planning for how many leaders are needed to facilitate our groups. Once group leaders are in place, you will select the day and time that works best for your schedule.
First time participants begin with Spirit of Mary One: Pray in a six week study and then decide whether to continue to Spirit of Mary Two: Ponder, and Spirit of Mary Three: Act. Those who have already completed either One: Pray or Two: Ponder may join a group that is already established. Ideally groups will stay together for all three sessions and create long lasting friendships.
Workbooks for these sessions are available now for purchase at the Marist Campus Store and have also been adapted for use in a church or home setting. The books can be used by individuals or in a small group. In order to purchase your copies of The Spirit of Mary workbooks, please visit the Marist Campus Store for hours of operation.
Available books:
Spirit of Mary One: Pray
Spirit of Mary Two: Ponder
Spirit of Mary Three: Act
You can pre-register for a study here.

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