Community Service
In seeking to form the whole person in the image of Christ, community service is considered integral (not peripheral) to each academic year and to successful completion of Marist’s graduation requirements.

Student Community Service FAQ

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  • Can I volunteer at a service project other than those coordinated through Campus Ministry?

    It depends on the project.
    Please keep in mind that, in keeping with Catholic Social Teaching, our service should be focused on the poor and those neglected by society. To ensure that the service you have in mind fulfills your class requirements, please confirm with Mrs. Shanahan before volunteering.
  • Do I need to bring a Verification Form with me when I serve?

    It is best to bring a form with you. X2vol has the capability to verify hours through e-mail, but not all agencies have that capability. To be safe, bring the form, get it signed and upload a picture of it to X2vol.
  • Do mission trips count for service hours?

    Maybe--check with us.
    Mission Trips (Summer ones, too) may count for that year’s Service hours. Get a Verification Form signed by the agency/church.
  • How do I get credit for my community service hours?

    Enter your hours in X2vol, and then they will be verified by the agency via e-mail or the signed form that you upload.  Then, Mrs. Shanahan will review them and approve them.
  • What is the difference between Indirect and Direct Service?

    Indirect: Example: Make sandwiches for the people at the night shelter. (All thrift stores are indirect.)
    Direct: Example: Bring the sandwiches, give them to the people, talk with the people, and maybe eat a sandwich with them.
  • What kind of service fulfills the Marist graduation requirement?

    Marist service is directed to help PEOPLE who are IN NEED, and they are the LEAST of these. Remember Matthew 25, the sheep, and the goats.  Other types of service are encouraged and should be entered in x2VOL, but they will not fulfill the school requirement.
  • When can service hours be completed?

    You can complete service any time between the first day of school and May 15 (May 1 for Seniors).  (Rising Seniors can serve during the summer, and Mission Trips count, too.)  You do not need to wait for your Theology class, and PLEASE do not wait until the end of the term.  It places a heavy burden on the agencies we work with, and stresses you out in your serving.  See how early in the term you can serve.
  • Where can I find Service Opportunities?

    • Visit Campus Ministry to see what options are available, and sign up for Marist Opportunities like Habitat for Humanity, or sandwich making.
    • You can also find a number of opportunities listed on x2VOL, the online system for tracking community service hours.
    • If your service opportunity is not listed in Campus Ministry or x2VOL, you must get it approved by Mrs. Shanahan before your serve, or it may not meet the Marist requirements.
    • Your team service project is for your team, not for your individual service. (Have you noticed that service is really important to Marist School?)

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    Mrs. Karen Shanahan 

    Director of Community Service


  • 7th grade – 4 hours (direct or indirect)
  • 8th grade – 6 hours (direct or indirect)
  • 9th grade – 8 hours (at least six hours direct)
  • 10th grade – 10 hours (at least eight hours direct)
  • 11th grade – 10 hours (at least eight hours direct)
  • 12th grade – 12 hours (direct)

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