The Marist Spirit

The Marist Spirit

To be Marist is to Think, Judge, Feel, and Act as Mary in all things.
The Marist Spirit is Mary’s Spirit—a Marist follows Jesus as Mary did. You can, too.
This Spirit has inspired Marist School and all associated with it for more than 100 years.  By defining the Marist Spirit, the Marists are asking all associated with Marist School to come to know “what it means to be Marist.”

Come to Know the Marist Spirit

  • This spirit is lived.
  • This spirit is the Spirit of Mary.
  • This spirit is missionary.
  • This spirit is humble.
  • The spirit is not confined to a school in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • The spirit takes up the “work of Mary.”

Spirit of the Society of Mary

Let them always keep in mind that they belong by gracious choice to the family of the blessed Mary, Mother of God, from whose name they are called Marists --- and whom they have chosen from the beginning as their model and first and perpetual superior.  If therefore they are or wish to be true sons of this dear Mother, let them continually strive to draw upon her Spirit and breathe it; a spirit of humility, self-denial, intimate union with God, and the most ardent love of neighbor.  So that they must think as Mary, judge as Mary, feel and act as Mary in all things.
The Society of Mary Constitutions, paragraph 49, 1872;  The Society of Mary Constitutions, 1987, paragraph 228.

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