The Marist Spirit

The Marist Spirit

The Marists, as they approach their second century, have a Spirit to share. This Spirit is Mary’s Spirit, following Jesus as she did.  This Spirit affects Marist School and all associated with it.
  • From what source or wellspring does the Marist Spirit emerge?
  • What values, qualities or characteristics define a Marist Spirit?
  • How do such values translate into a Marist school?
There are core, foundational values of the Society of Mary these core values are important in order to maintain the “Maristness” at Marist School as it moves into in its second century as well.

All associated with Marist School are asked to comprehend the broad picture of the Marist project. Not only were priests and other vowed religious called to serve the Marist Way, but lay people were called to serve as well.

Come to Know the Marist Spirit

  • This spirit is lived – but its “living” is enhanced on an understanding and embodiment of certain core values.
  • This spirit is the Spirit of Mary - advanced through an understanding of Mary, the person with whom Marists have a special relationship. She leads them to Jesus, her Son.
  • This spirit is missionary. Marists are part of a worldwide congregation spreading the Gospel in Mary’s way.
  • This spirit is humble. Marists want to win over people to God and the body of believers, but they go about it in Mary’s gentle way - they pray; they work in their “hidden way;” they don’t care for show or credit; they’re unthreatening.
  • The spirit is not confined to the spirit of a School in Atlanta.  Becoming Marist is not so much an organization you join as an identity you share…in the world.
  • The spirit takes up the “work of Mary.”  Marists, like Mary, thus become missionaries for God’s plan in a world resistant to or unknowing of His will.

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