Student Activities

Academic Clubs

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  • Chinese Club

    The Chinese Club welcomes all in the Marist community to learn about Chinese culture. Students do not need to have any Chinese background or have taken Chinese classes before. We will try different traditional Chinese food, learn Chinese culture and sing songs in the classroom. Chinese traditional festivals will be introduced including the Moon Festival, Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Lantern Festival. Besides activities on Marist campus, we will also run two field trips: Lake Lanier for Dragon Boat Festival and Chinatown for Chinese New Year. The Chinese club is governed by President, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, historian, technology, and activities manager positions.
  • French Club

    The French Club aims to expose students to French and Francophone culture. This club is open to all students who take French and want to know more about Francophone culture! The French Club promotes cultural understanding through a variety of activities. Students involved will experience French and Francophone music, cooking, and art and will taste French food. The French Club also celebrates major Francophone holidays, such as Mardi Gras.
  • German Club

    The German Club promotes German Language and Culture by organizing a few social gatherings per term with German food and music in the German classroom. These have included Oktoberfest, Nikolaustag, and Fasching. German films are shown for cultural enrichment. The German Club meets during Activity Period. 
  • Junior Classical League - Latin Club

    The Marist chapter of the Junior Classical League (JCL) is an academic, cultural, and social club open to all students of Latin and Greek. On-campus events include the Mt. Vesuvius Fest, Odyssey Read-a-thon, Myth Madness, Pumpkin Prowl, Saturnalia Christmas Fest, Janus Fest, Latin Mass, Ides of March games, and an end of the year Latin Awards Banquet. Off-campus events include the GJCL Fall Forum, Mythopaloosa service project, tournaments, trips to the Carlos Museum, and the State Convention. Visit and; and
  • Latin American Studies Culture Club

    The purpose of the Latin American Studies Club is to educate the Marist community about Latin America and Latino culture and to empower members through collaboration with one another.
  • Peer 2 Peer Tutoring

    Peer tutoring is available to students in grades 7-12 experiencing difficulty in math. Tutors in grades 9-12 will be selected by math teachers, and tutoring will occur during tutorial period. If a student needs a tutor, they can sign up with their Personal and Academic Counselor.
  • Reading Eagles Book Club

    Reading Eagles is a book club for students in grades 7-12. Books are selected by the club and meetings are held about once a month.
  • Spanish Club

    The Spanish Club welcomes students to participate in cultural activities relating to the Spanish language and heritage. The Spanish Club meets during Activity Period. 

Interest Clubs

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  • Active Minds

    Active Minds is a national organization dedicated to increasing the conversation about mental health on high school and college campuses around the country. The Marist chapter is established for the purposes of increasing awareness among students and faculty around mental health issues, removing the stigma surrounding mental health disorders so that students will feel more comfortable openly discussing their experiences and seeking help if needed, and promoting holistic health by emphasizing care of both body and mind. All 7-12 grade students are welcome to our monthly Active Minds planning meetings during Activity Period, where the club plans educational and supportive events on campus, such as national awareness campaigns, guest speakers, and stress-busting activities.
  • Art Club

    The Marist Art Club was formed with the purpose of providing a creative outlet to students that may otherwise not experience the arts in their time here. All students are welcome, regardless of experience level or grade. Meetings will be treated as open studios where students may have access to the art classrooms and are encouraged to experience a variety of media. Through these open studios, students will gain the rare opportunity to express themselves through their work without the pressure of receiving grades.  Students will not only gain knowledge about the creation of art, but also the knowledge of appreciating the art that surrounds them. 
  • ASL Club (American Sign Language)

  • Black Student Alliance

    The Black Student Alliance (BSA) provides a safe space for Black students to gather and be themselves comfortably so that they can experience personal growth and connection to their racial identity. We will create a sense of community and belonging for the Black students at Marist by discussing our shared experiences and building education and awareness about Black culture across the diaspora.
  • Community Service Club

    The Community Service Club provides members with the chance to build life and leadership skills and to implement meaningful hands-on service projects. The Community Service Club provides many opportunities for students to follow their passions while doing service. Past projects have included putting on a fall carnival for homeless children, collecting supplies for families in need, making care packages for our troops, clothing drives, collecting water bottles for homeless children. There are many more opportunities to come and the club is always open to new ideas.
  • Entrepreneur Club

    Open to all grades 7-12, the Marist Entrepreneur Club is a place to express innovative ideas and further develop intuitive skills alongside a team of invested and creative students working to bring small business ideas to life. The club is a place that supports individual ideas and thrives on team-work to make students' ideas come true. A percentage of all profits from the club are donated to charity and reinvested back into the club to help grow the club physically and monetarily.
  • Environment Club

    Guided by Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato Si, the Environment Club seeks to support and further the school's green mission, The Terra Project. Club members help plan club events, service projects and cleanups.  The club was founded at Marist in 1995 to raise student, faculty, and staff awareness of environmental concerns. The Environmental Club meets during Activity Period. 

    Moderators: Mrs. Amelia Luke and Mrs. Kelly Mandy 

  • Fashion & Design Club

    The Marist Fashion & Design Club gives students a way to express themselves through clothing and their original clothing designs. The club is open to students in grades 7-12, and everyone is welcome. Our meetings consist of making visual mood boards that represent the student's likes/dislikes and then using these boards as inspiration to draw, paint, sketch, or collage their own designs. Students will learn how to use social media to positively inspire their creativity and love for fashion while working to design their own line. Students will be able to express their ideas and learn alongside other passionate and creative students. 
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    A national non-denominational organization whose purpose is to present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church. The Marist chapter of FCA meets twice a month on Friday mornings for a “Breakfast of Champions.” A speaker will challenge the young people in many areas of their Christian walk. Speakers include current and former pro athletes, college coaches and athletes, high school coaches and lay people with athletic backgrounds.
  • Future Health Professionals Club

    The Future Health Professionals Club was founded with the purpose of providing a safe, encouraging, and productive space for students who are interested in a career within the medical field or in the medical field in general. Club meetings will involve receiving advice directly from medical professionals and hearing about their experiences. Student members will also be able to learn different skills such as how to perform physicals, how to do sutures, and more. Club members should leave our club with knowledge about essential medical field skills, different health conditions, different specialties and medical professions, and public health information. 
  • Girls Bible Study

    Girls Bible Study is open to all female students and serves to strengthen our knowledge of scripture while being in community and growing closer to God. At each meeting, we will dive into verses of scripture and discuss what it means and how to apply it into our lives. Lessons will be led by selected seniors and guest speakers. 

  • Girls Support Girls

    Girls Support Girls empowers female students to be their best selves through relationship-building, informal peer mentorship, and uplifting culture of mutual respect. In club meetings and various programming throughout the year, Girls Support Girls provides students with a safe space to discuss gender and topics pertinent to girls. In addition to supporting the experience of female students here at Marist, the club promotes gender equity and seeks to advance the rights of women and girls around the world. The club meets twice a term during Activity Period. All students are welcome with the sincere intent of supporting the mission of the club.
  • Girls Who Code

    Girls Who Code is dedicated to closing the gender gap and promoting diversity in technology and allows girls from grades 7-12 to delve deeper into their STEM and computer science interests. The club will provide a variety of projects decided by its members to expose and educate girls in computing skills and engineering. We create a community of supportive students who encourage each other on their computer science journeys. Any skill level is welcome!
  • Habitat for Humanity

    A grass-roots Christian ministry with the goal of eliminating poverty housing. Marist was the first high school chapter chartered in the U.S. The Marist chapter, serving in partnership with the parent organization, is committed to educating parents, faculty, and students about affordable housing issues; building houses in partnership with other Habitat affiliates; and raising money for Habitat projects. Actual building participation is limited to students sixteen years of age or older to participate in a build, while younger members assist in a variety of ways by providing baked goods selling tickets, making posters, etc. Members can go to work camps throughout the country and abroad.
  • Honor Guard

    Marist Honor Guard members learn about the symbolism and history embodied in the United States flag, as well as flags of other nations. Students also learn proper flag etiquette such as folding and storage, protocols such as half-staff display, and basic care and maintenance of the staff, halyard and other equipment. The Honor Guard raises and lowers the flag in our flag circle each day.
  • Investment Club

    The Investment Club is a place where students can learn about the stock and bond markets and how to invest money. The investment club covers different ways of investing, strategies of investing, and will bring in speakers from the industry. In addition, members will gain experience in the market by playing in a virtual stock market game. Our members will obtain a deeper understanding of investing and how to manage their money. 
  • Mosaic Diversity Club

    Mosaic is a student-led group committed to learning about, valuing, and celebrating each other's cultures and unique abilities. Members seek to recognize the beauty in and dialogue about the challenges of diversity within the Marist community and the world. Members are also especially attuned to issues of justice, equality, and peace. Mosaic is open to all students and meets weekly during Activity Period.
  • Music Appreciation Club

    The Music Appreciation Club seeks to create a window into a better understanding of all music types.  Music shapes our lives.  Whether you just love music or want to learn more about it – join us to learn more about the history of music and basic elements of music to broaden your ability to discuss music effectively. 
  • Outdoors Club

    The Marist Outdoors Club was established in 2016 and is offered to all students grades 7-12. The club meets periodically throughout the year, mostly during activity period. The goal of the club is to introduce students to the outdoors and recreational opportunities while instilling an appreciation of what nature has to offer. We host discussions about the outdoors, outdoor activities, and invite in guest speakers based on the interests of the club members. 
  • Peace by Piece

    In 2015 Pope Francis called for dialogue with non-Christian religious traditions “a school of humanity and a builder of unity.”  In that spirit, the Peace by Piece program is designed to foster a respect for and an understanding of the richness and integrity of other religious traditions and to eliminate discrimination and harassment because of differences in race, religion, or condition in life.  In that spirit Peace by Piece places a high priority on both the knowledge of and appreciation for important sensitive issues that often inhibit the growth of friendship and trust as well as the skills necessary to listen to each other openly and sympathetically to understand each other’s positions as precisely as possible.  
  • Podcasting Club

    The Podcasting Club is a group that meets to help students to develop independent podcasting shows. The Podcasting Club will support these shows with recording gear, marketing advice, engineering advice, editing help, and even provide hosting services. The Podcasting Club will bring in speakers, including podcasters, sound engineers, and network runners all to help in the overall business of podcasting. By being in this club, the student members will build skills in designing, recording, editing, and marketing shows that are their own.
  • Share the Journey

    Under the guiding principle of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, Jesus calls us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Now, Pope Francis is calling us to share a journey with our neighbors – all our neighbors, not only those who live near us, look like us, speak like us or pray like us. Our neighbors include many of the world’s most vulnerable people: migrants and refugees fleeing war, poverty and persecution, people who seek nothing more than basic needs and a path forward. Just like us, they are children of God, deserving of dignity and love. As a student organization, we are answering the Pope’s call to encounter and walk with these migrants and refugees in support and solidarity.
  • Stop the Madness HST

    Stop the Madness HST is a club that works to fight and bring awareness to the issue of human sex trafficking in Atlanta. This club is open to students in grades 7-12 who are passionate about spreading the word about this issue in their communities and "being the change you want to see in the world." Members will brainstorm and coordinate events with Wellspring Living to help local victims of human sex trafficking and continue the conversation at Marist about this problem our society is facing. Meetings will also include videos and group conversations about human trafficking and what else the youth can do to help stop it. The club meets during Activity Period.
  • Strategic Games Club

    The strategic games club is open to all students grades 7-12. Any game of strategy is welcome to be played. The majority of games played are "euro" style board games, but also include chess, checkers, card games, and role playing games. Meetings take place during activity period.
  • Students for Life

    Guided by John 10:10, “I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly,” this group of students and staff will work towards the goal of promoting respect, dignity, and justice for all life, from conception to natural death. We will encourage respect for the unborn, increase awareness for those affected by discrimination for any reason, and promote justice for those who have difficulty speaking up for themselves. Join this group if you are interested in participating in activities that promote Catholic Social Teaching. In the past, we have participated in events and activities such as the annual Stand for Life along Peachtree Road in Atlanta, prayer rally and March for Life in Washington, DC, making baby blankets and collected diapers for mothers who have chosen life, supported Operation Smile, attended prayer vigils for Georgia executions of people on death row, and collaborated with other Marist student groups to support and defend the dignity of life of all of God’s children. We are open to other projects and ideas that help all people live life to the fullest. All students in grades 7-12 are welcome to participate in monthly meetings and local field trips. March for Life field trip to DC (January) is open to 9th-12th grade students.

2020-2021 Activities Catalog

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