Campus Ministry Activities

Ministry Activities

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  • Altar Servers

     Altar Servers assist at Marist School Masses to help the celebration be a prayerful experience for all involved. Daily Mass is celebrated at 7:30 a.m. (8 a.m. on Wednesday) in the Chapel each day that school is in session. Altar servers are asked to serve at the daily Mass for one week at a time, usually once or twice during the school year. Experienced altar servers are asked to serve at all-school Masses (5 per year) and Family Masses (3 per year). Before serving, altar servers must attend a training/rehearsal.
  • Antioch

    Antioch is the name of the retreat program for 8th grade students. It is offered on one Saturday on the Marist Campus. Participants will have time for reflection, small group sharing, and prayer, as well as fun activities and connecting with classmates. The retreat is led by 10th grade students who have been selected and trained by adult moderators. The day includes dinner and Mass at 7:15 p.m.
  • Breakfast Club

    A gathering of students for Wednesday morning Eucharist. It is an opportunity for students to mark the mid‑week with prayer and communion. These Masses are planned and executed with student readers, Eucharistic ministers, and meditations. There are four teams of planners who plan one Mass a month. The Club meets every Wednesday throughout the school year.
  • Damascus

    Damascus is the retreat offered to Marist's 7th grade students. The retreat is offered on two Saturdays in September and October on the Marist campus. Pairs of 11th and 12th grade students lead the retreat groups as students spend time sharing, praying, and playing together. Parents and families are invited to the Mass that ends the retreat. 
  • Emmaus

    Emmaus is an open community of juniors and seniors who are interested in spending time together each month in prayer and sharing. One joins Emmaus simply by attending the monthly meetings. A significant element of the Emmaus community is an Emmaus retreat. Members may sign up for one retreat during the course of their junior or senior years. These retreat experiences offer students an opportunity to encounter Christ in each other over the course of a weekend. Seniors who have made an Emmaus Retreat are eligible to attend the special Senior Emmaus Retreat held in April. 
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

    Confirmed Catholic students are eligible to apply to serve as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion during their senior year. These students serve the school community by being witness of God’s love, including serving communion at all Masses, including daily Mass, three Family Masses, and monthly all-school Masses.
  • Galilee

    Galilee is an overnight retreat for 11th grade students held in the fall, with follow-up gatherings on two Wednesday mornings during Term 2 and Term 3. This urban retreat experience challenges juniors to consider how God is calling them as they participate in community service, individual reflection, and small group activities.
  • Genesis

    Genesis is the retreat offered to 9th grade students on two different weekends during the year. It is a 24-hour retreat that is led by 10th grade students who previously participated in a Genesis retreat and who have undergone extensive training and spiritual mentoring to prepare for their leadership role. The retreat encourages participants to pray, meditate, and share about their friendships, especially their friendship with Jesus. Retreatants are chosen on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Nazareth

    Nazareth is the retreat offered to 10th grade students. There are two retreats, one in October and one in February. The retreat is held at Cove Crest in Tiger, Georgia. It lasts about 24 hours and is led by the 11th grade students who previously participated in a Nazareth retreat and who have undergone various training sessions to prepare them for leading small group discussions. Students spend time praying, reflecting, sharing in a small group, and doing recreational activities. The retreat encourages the students to focus on God, their family life, and other relationships.     
  • Peer Leader Program

    In 1986, the Peer Leader program was formed to welcome new students into the Marist family and to help them adjust to their new school. Peer Leaders embody the Marist spirit of hospitality as they serve as role models and friends to new students, leading them through Orientation and being a supportive presence throughout a student's first term at Marist. Peer Leaders are each assigned to two to three new students. They are in touch with them over the summer, organize a group pre‑Orientation activity, and spend two days in a small group setting with them during Orientation before school begins. 

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