Band and Chorus Audition Information

Band and Chorus Auditions

Students are required to take either band or chorus for the entirety of 7th and 8th grade. In order to place your child in an appropriate fine arts class, students must take part in an audition. Students may audition for both band and chorus. Students who do not audition for either band or chorus by May 11 will be placed in a course based on remaining availability.

Students who already play a band instrument are strongly encouraged to continue their experience with Concert Band, which is a regularly scheduled class as part of the academic curriculum. Students without previous instrumental experience are invited to join Beginning Band. Students auditioning for Boys Chorus or Girls Chorus will be expected to match pitch.

Final placement will be determined by the department and will be communicated to students in July.

Band Auditions for Grades 7-8

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  • Students who have never played an instrument

    Students new to band are not expected to submit a playing audition but are asked to send in an introductory video.   The video needs only to be a minute or two in length. In it, the student should introduce themselves with their name, current school, a description of any previous musical experience such as playing piano, guitar or string instruments along with any other information they wish to share with the band directors.

    After completing this interest form, videos should be submitted to Mr. Craddock at and Mr. Schmitt at Please make "New Student Band Audition" the subject line for your email.

    Once school begins in the fall, students will be introduced to the various instruments (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Sax, Bassoon, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba and Percussion) and given the opportunity to try them out. Once an instrument is selected, Marist will loan the student an instrument for the first year, but students are responsible for purchasing a mouthpiece.
  • Students who currently play an instrument at school

    Students with band experience need to submit a playing audition.

    To prepare for the audition, download the sheet music for your instrument and practice it. We understand that all students are at various levels. We expect that there may be parts of the music that students will not know how to play. If this is the case, the student may either attempt it or skip it.

    Once ready, the student should complete this interest form and then record their audition video. The video should include an introduction of the student, where they go to school, what band book they use, followed by themselves playing the assigned piece.

    Videos should be submitted to Mr. Craddock at and Mr. Schmitt at Please make "New Student Band Audition" the subject line for your email.
  • Audition Music

    All students and parents are encouraged to watch this short Ted Talk video on YouTube. It is an entertaining video and has some great information about the incredible benefits that playing an instrument offers you!

  • Band Student Experiences

    Hear the experiences from former Marist band students.

Chorus Auditions for Grades 7-8

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